On-time Delivery For Mother's Day

22 July 2021

Mother's Day is just around the corner! It is time to express your love to the #1 lady in your life and give a little something special to honour the occasion.

Be it cakes or flowers, uParcel will be here to accommodate your last-minute deliveries!


Choose from the various express delivery service options we provide, and you never have to worry about ruining your mom's special day. 

For perishables such as cakes and flowers, you can choose our 1 hour rush or 3 hours express service to have them delivered in perfect condition. With our specific time option, you can even set your pickup and delivery timeframe so you'll be sure that your mom is there to receive your gift!

Download the uParcel app or visit www.uparcel.sg to start booking your same day or next day delivery. Engage our friendly and professional delivery agents for a seamless delivery experience today.

For businesses, choose uParcel if you're overwhelmed with the number of last-minute deliveries as we are always ready to serve you with our strong fleet of delivery agents.

Even if you are unable to celebrate the occasion, you can always deliver your love through heartfelt gifts no matter where you are.


Hope you have an amazing Mother's Day!

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