uParcel Services

uParcel provides a wide range of services, from 1 hour Rush and 3 hours express for urgent deliveries including same-day, next-day, and specific time deliveries.

Door to door delivery services

Door to door delivery service in Singapore

When time is of the essence and for urgent shipments requiring prompt attention, uParcel next day delivery services provide you with an assembly of flexible options guaranteed to cater for all your mission-critical delivery needs. Our breadth of experience and technical expertise as it relates to shipments and courier processing positions us as the go-to solution for all your next day delivery services. Whether for business-to-business needs, e-commerce fulfilment, outsourced logistics or just standard courier services uParcel's next day delivery service promises professionalism with a side serving of reliability, cost efficiency, and world-class client/customer relationships.

What you get with uParcel next day delivery service

  • Next day delivery services that meet all your expectations

    uParcel's top-of-the-line fleet of delivery vehicles and seamless logistic processing ensures that all our client needs, be it parcel, courier, document or even large cargo deliveries are well attended to. Our service personnel are always at arm's reach to pick up any package as soon as a delivery request is submitted. With uParcel's next day parcel delivery service, there are no lag times, processing/sorting mishaps or delayed deliveries. We promise to deliver your package the next day, and we will do just that.

  • Professionalism redefined

    Our next day courier delivery services come with real-time parcel tracking, round-the-clock service on time (save for Sundays and public holidays) and live customer interaction. Order and delivery signatory are standard, so also are preferred delivery times as mandated by the client. Our agents are trained to adhere to all standard delivery etiquette including a 10 minutes delivery wait time, strict compliance with schedules and proper package handling to mention but a few. Clients are however responsible for sealing and specifying the appropriate package dimensions. Any error with these typically attracts additional fees.

  • Top-notch customer service experience

    The Uparcel next day document delivery customer service is online 24 hours a day 7 days a week via telephone or web chat. We provide prompt responses to all kinds of inquiries, complaints, and suggestions. Our dispute resolution system is designed to place the interests of our clients first: if there is ever a case of uncertainty, it follows that the client gets the benefit of the doubt.

    For us, the business of shipping packages goes beyond just pick up and delivery, the goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our numerous customers.

  • Cost Effectiveness

uParcel next day delivery service stands out for its flexible and reasonably priced delivery options. For starters, we operate a fixed pricing system that is solely dependent on a client's shipping options at no fluctuating quotes, seasonal hikes or unwarranted extra fees. With us, there's no cause to worry about the discriminatory rates and exorbitant prices associated with quote-based shipping services. Ours is a fully transparent process where clients are billed a fixed flat rate, devoid of unnecessary surcharges.

Service coverage

uParcel next day delivery service currently caters for all requests related to:

  • Next day parcel delivery
  • Next day courier delivery
  • And, next day document delivery.

Our services are available six days a week from Monday to Saturday except on public holidays. Pickup and delivery requests initiated on weekends and during holidays will be processed at the start of the next working day. We typically deliver client packages before 10 pm the day after it was picked up. Customers can, however, specify a preferred delivery time, although this is not guaranteed. If delivery timing is of importance, we provide a specific slot delivery service at an additional cost.


  • Clients who ship 2 cartons/parcels are entitled to a 20% discount on the shipping cost
  • For 3 cartons/parcels, it's 30% off all parcel price
  • 4 Carton/Parcels - 40% off all parcel prices
  • 5 Carton/Parcels - 50% off all parcel prices
  • 6 Carton/Parcels - 55% off all parcel prices
  • 7 Carton/Parcels - 60% off all parcel prices

Book a next day delivery service today!

Scheduling a pickup and next day delivery service with uParcel is as easy as it can get. Simply head over to our homepage and select your preferred delivery plan plus extra options (if required). Requests are processed as soon as they are made, and on average, It takes a maximum of four hours for us to pick up the package. You can also place and track your next day document delivery from the convenience of your mobile phone through our handy mobile app.