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Yes, you can download our user guide at the bottom of our website. Please find it under quick links: 'Customer App User Guide'.

If your delivery request is cancelled, there will be a refund of credits to your E-wallet, and you can use these credits to pay for your next delivery request.

If you do not wish to be refunded by credits, you may email to us at for a refund back to your credit card.

Please note that it takes 14 working days for refunds back to your credit card.

For E-wallet top-ups done by bank transfer or SGQR, it takes at least 1 working day for our Finance team to verify the payment from our bank.

If you have used Giro Transfer, it may take up to 3 working days for the funds to be reflected in our bank account.

You can use a credit card to make an immediate top-up; however, there are fees associated with this method.

You can ship anything*. From surprising your loved ones to returning an erroneous online purchase.

*Please refer to our prohibited list of items in the terms and conditions. Dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs, etc. cannot be delivered, you shouldn't be holding on to them too!

You can download it by clicking on the ‘Delivery History’ tab, selecting the date range, and clicking 'Download'.

Yes. You can add multiple parcels to your delivery request. Each parcel will have its own tracking number.

A receipt will be emailed to you once the delivery has been completed.

The status of the delivery will be updated on the mobile app. Once it has been delivered, you will receive a mobile and email notification and be able to view the delivery details. The delivery details include the name, signature of the receiver who has signed off and the date/time of delivery.

All delivered orders will be saved for 60 days. For example, if you requested the job on April 1, you can view the delivered job until May 31, and your job will be removed on June 1.

The driver has the right to refuse the delivery request and will refund you 50% of the original fee if they inspect your package and determine it to be under-declared.

If the parcel is undelivered, our delivery agents will make another attempt within the next 3 working days.

Our 'Night Delivery' is only available for 1 Hour Rush service, from 11 pm to 7 am. Any delivery bookings made after 11 pm will be subject to a $15 Night Surcharge.

Night delivery starts from 11 pm to 8 am the next day and would be subjected to the night delivery surcharge and the last slot with night surcharge will be 7 am – 8 am. There will be no night surcharge from 8 am onwards.

If the delivery request is not accepted, no available agent can deliver the parcel.
Please repost at a different time. All unaccepted requests will be deleted at the end of the day.

The monthly postpaid billing option is available for corporate customers only.

We will invoice you at the end of the month for all the delivery jobs requested.

To apply for a Corporate Account, please log into your account and click on 'Corporate Account Request'.

Please note that the Corporate Account requires a minimum of 10 Deliveries/per month. If the minimum is not met, there will be a $10 admin fee charge per month. To know more details, please email

Two-Way Round Trip is for customers who wish to have their parcels picked up at Point A and then delivered to Point B. After that, pick up again from Point B, and then deliver back to Point A.

There will be a $2 withdrawal charge for us to process this withdrawal back to your bank account.

E-wallet credits are valid for 12 months from the top-up date. There is no refund of credits upon expiry.

If the driver arrives at the incorrect pickup address provided by the customer, a 50% cancellation fee is imposed.

If the driver has arrived at the wrong delivery address provided by the customer and needs to deliver to a new delivery address, there is a new delivery charge.

Yes, we offer a one-stop service to manage and store your inventory, pack your orders as your sales order comes through and also handle the deliveries right from our warehouse to your customer’s address. Please contact us at for more details.

Please write to to enquire. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our E-wallet minimum top-up is $50. If you have accidentally made an error with a transfer of less than $50, we will make an exception and top up your E-wallet for you with the amount requested.

However, if you would like to have the money refunded to your bank account instead, there will be a $2 bank charge.

E-wallet credits are valid for 12 months from the top-up date. There is no refund of credits upon expiry.

As part of our workplace safety practices, the maximum dimensions and weight of each parcel is <200 cm (H+L+W) & max 25kg.

If you have packages bigger than the maximum weight or dimensions, please repack them into 2 smaller parcels and make a booking for 2 parcels to the same location.

There will be a discount for sending multiple parcels to the same location.

You may go under ‘Manage Delivery’ and click on ‘Print Waybill’. You can choose to print it and attach it to your parcel/document.

Yes, uParcel is required to be GST-Registered by IRAS, and we are required to charge GST on the platform commission of 20% of the delivery fee.

The pickup timeframe for Same Day, Next Day, 2 Way Round Trip, and Specific Delivery Timeslot is at least 4 hours.
For 3 hours, the pickup timeframe is at least 3 hours.
The pickup timeframe for 1-Hour Rush is at least 1 hour.

E-wallet credits are valid for 12 months from the top-up date. There is no refund of credits upon expiry.

You can download it by clicking on the ‘Invoice’ tab. There is also another option for you to send the Invoice via email directly.

Refer to the video for a quick and step-by-step guide on our excel bulk upload feature:

Bulk Upload Video Guide

Yes, you can now block the delivery agent from accepting your jobs. After you have logged into your web, go under Favourite - tap 'Block Agent'.

If the job has been accepted by a delivery agent, there will be a new delivery charge depending on the situation.

If the job has not yet been accepted by a delivery agent, you can cancel the job and repost it again.

1. You can increase the delivery request acceptance rate by adding 'Tips' to the delivery request before you proceed to make payment.


2. Add tips to the jobs that have been posted to increase the acceptance rate.
Go to Manage Delivery - Click on the delivery and 'Add Tips', after that proceed to make payment for the tips and the tips will be added to your job. These tips will increase the delivery price and entice the delivery agent to accept your request during peak periods.

Please perform the following steps:
1. Sign up for an account on the uParcel website
2. On your signed-in portal, Request a corporate account
3. Once we have approved your corporate account, you can then request API integration on your signed-in portal
4. Once we have approved your API request, you will be provided with a set of secret keys
5. Proceed to install the uParcel app on Shopify and then enter the secret keys to connect.

For any problems, please email

To save your credit card, you can do so when making payment for the delivery request or when topping up your E-wallet via credit card.

You will be asked to save your credit card information for the payment.

If you require a delivery order to be returned, please either book a 2 way trip or you could provide a pre-paid (with paid stamp) envelope for the DO to be snail-mailed back to you.

We note that our delivery agents are not obliged to make the return trip if you have booked a single or one-way trip.

uParcel is going cashless; there will be no more cash payments for delivery. You can top up your E-Wallet credits either by selecting Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or SGQR. Click on the ‘E-Wallet’ tab and enter a minimum of $50 for your purchase credit.

CREDIT CARD top-ups are instant, but bank transfers and SGQR take one working day to verify. If you are a corporate customer, then you can select Corporate Account and opt to pay by monthly billings.

If you do not wish to purchase the minimum of $50 credits for the E-wallet, you may also request to pay by ‘Stripe and Credit Cards’ for ad-hoc or once-off deliveries. There will be a 3.5% + $0.25 transaction fee for this payment mode.

Yes, you will see the tracking number under your delivery request.

You can view the status under Manage Deliveries or you can use that tracking number to view the delivery status on our webpage at

You can add insurance when you request delivery on the app or website before checkout.

Your packing would need to meet the guidelines depending on your product, whether it is perishable or food.

Please download the packing guide here/a>

(a) Any claims for damage or loss to the Delivery Item must be made within 3 days from the date on which uParcel accepts the Delivery Item for delivery, failing which uParcel shall have no liability whatsoever.

(c) All claims must be made in writing, accompanied by the original consignment note, waybill, relevant invoices and receipts and other supporting documents requested by uParcel and submitted to the following email address:

(d) Claims are limited to one claim per delivery Item. Settlement of which shall be a full and final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith.

We will make a redelivery within the next 3 days at no additional cost. If the parcel cannot be delivered on the second attempt, for example, due to rejection, it will be returned to you for an additional $7 or 50% of the category price, whichever is greater.

This is subject to surcharges, if any. Perishables will not be redelivered and will be left at the door.

Every delivery includes $100 in basic insurance.

The additional insurance amount is calculated as follows:
1 hour Rush - 1.2%
Same day, 3 Hours Express, 2 Way Round Trip - 1.5%
Next Day, Specific Delivery Slot - 2%

Example: For additional insurance coverage amount of $1,000,
using Same Day, 3 hours, or 2 Way Round Trip, insurance = 1.5% x $1,000 = $15
You will need to pay $15 for the additional insurance coverage of $1,000.
(Maximum additional insurance coverage is capped at $1,500.)

Please note that 'My Fleet' cannot be selected if you are purchasing additional insurance.

Provided that uParcel is satisfied that your claim is justified, uParcel's liability for any loss of or damage to the delivery item shall be limited to the value of the delivery item's purchase price or S$100 per delivery order, whichever is lower.

This must be supported with proof of item value.

During peak season such as Chinese New Year or Mooncake Festival, uParcel may impose surcharges from $4 onwards. This depends on the delivery agents availability and the volume of deliveries. uParcel will announce this surcharge at least 3 days ahead before imposing the surcharges.

Any jobs with a total distance of more than 18KM will be subjected to an additional $2 surcharge.

All our delivery assignments are tracked via GPS.

In the unfortunate event that the parcel cannot be retrieved, we will compensate you for the value of your parcel or S$100 per parcel, whichever is lower.

Yes, you can delete the delivery agent from My Fleet. Click on My Favourite Agent and click Remove.

$2 surcharge for postal codes that start with the following: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 - Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, People Park 07, 08 - Anson, Tanjong Pagar 17 - High Street, Beach Road (part) 18, 19 - Middle Road, Golden Mile 22, 23- Orchard, Cairnhill, River Valley.

$4 surcharge for Tuas area which starts with postal codes: 638, 639, 627, 628, 629

$10 surcharge is for entry into Sentosa Area, Changi Airport, Changi Aviation Center, and Tuas South 637, 636.

The surcharge is used to cover ERP, parking fees, and petrol for longer-distance deliveries that agents must pay for. For entry into airline houses, there is a surcharge of $15.

Once a delivery agent has accepted your delivery request, no cancellation is allowed.

However, you may contact the delivery agent to inform him of any changes.

If you would like to cancel the job AFTER an agent has accepted, you may inform him as soon as possible and tap 'Cancel' under 'Manage Delivery'.

Please note that if the driver is on the way, or 30 minutes before the pickup timing, the last-minute cancellation will be charged 50% of the delivery fees, and if you have booked manpower, 50% of any manpower fees.

A 50% cancellation fee is applicable on customer job cancellation for ‘Pickup in Progress’ status.
For CC and E-wallet: 50% job refund will be credited to the e-wallet
For Corporate payments: 50% will be charged under additional charges in your monthly invoice.

Example: Job amount= 10+0.7(GST), After cancellation 50% will be 5 + 0.35 refunded

The 50% balance will be refunded back to the e-wallet.
If the job is 'Pending acceptance', we will refund 100% to your e-wallet.

Senders have to pack their items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and all parcels have to be sealed up completely.

Our delivery agents will pick up the item as it is. If it is fragile such as cannot be dropped or thrown, please label it fragile and bubble wrap your item properly. You may also add on fragile handling services for an additional charge at $3.

Please label the item and add special instructions such as 'Do Not Bend' & 'Fragile, please handle with care'.

There will be an option for you to select whether you would like to add a delivery agent to the 'My Fleet' list after you give a positive review for the delivery agent.

You are able to see the list of 'My Fleet' delivery agents by clicking on 'Favourite Agents'.

Yes, you can cancel the delivery request after submitting it if you have not received notifications for successful job acceptance. If you cancel the job after the delivery agent has accepted the job, you will be subjected to a 50% cancellation fee.

A 50% cancellation fee is applicable on customer job cancellation for ‘Pickup in Progress’ status and 30 minutes before collection start time
For CC and E-wallet: 50% job refund will be credited to the e-wallet
For Corporate payment: 50% will be charged under additional charges in your monthly invoice.

Example: Job amount= 10+0.7(GST), After cancellation 50% will be 5 + 0.35 refunded

The 50% balance will be refunded back to the e-wallet.
If the job is under Pending acceptance, we will refund 100% to your e-wallet.

After your corporate account has been approved, you can add sub accounts for your users under your customer portal> left menu > "Sub Account User".

Night delivery runs from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. the following day.

Any delivery request from 12am to 1am, 1am to 2am, 2am to 3am, and so on would be subjected to the surcharge, and the last slot with the night surcharge will be 7am to 8pm. There will be no night surcharge from 8am onwards.

1. If you agree to pay the additional charges, the agent will proceed to collect them, inform CS of the job amendments, and charge you based on the correct package size. However, if you don't agree to pay the additional charges, the agent will cancel the delivery request. Take note that 50% of the delivery fee will be charged.

2. If the item size is too big for the agent's vehicle. The driver has the right to refuse the delivery request. 50% of the delivery fee will be charged.

uParcel delivery service is 24/7! You can submit the delivery request anytime through our app or web booking.
Our delivery agents now deliver around the clock. You may place delivery bookings on weekends and public holidays.

Our customer service is available from 9 am - 6.30 pm (Monday - Sunday).

The Sub-Account feature is currently only available to approved Corporate users only. After you have logged into your portal, on the left menu panel, click on 'Sub Account Users > Add Sub Account.

After the Sub Account is created, they will receive any email with their log-in details. If they did not receive any emails, they could also click on 'Forgot Password' under the log-in page to reset their password.

Do note that sub account cannot use the main account's email and password to log-in. They would need to log-in under their created email and password.

Example: I have created 4 sub account users : One for each of the following departments - HR Dept, Finance Dept, Operations Dept, Admin Dept. The 4 departments will not be able to view the delivery activities of each other. Only the main account will be able to view all the delivery activities of all the 4 departments. The sub-account users can only see the delivery bookings made under their own account and not the other departments or the main account. Invoices issued will be separated for all the sub-accounts and main accounts. In this example, there will be 5 invoices (4 sub-accounts + 1 main account)

The delivery agent will cancel the delivery order request as "failed pickup," and a 50% cancellation fee is charged from the delivery fee.

Yes. The GPS tracking can be turned off. GPS tracking is also automatically turned off when you logged out. However you will need to turn on your GPS tracking before you can accept a job and when you are delivering a parcel.

We charge a 20% platform commission and this goes to uParcel to maintain the platform, transaction and run advertisements to get more customers to use uParcel, which means more jobs for our agents.

Uparcel will deduct off 20% commission and pay out the 80% delivery fees to you by GIRO according to your bank details stated in your profile.

It includes ALL charges such as ERP, tolls, Parking, miscellaneous, etc.

uParcel is built on a trusted community of delivery agents. There are no strangers among us.

We need to verify the agents to prove their identities and protect all users.

GPS tracking allows users to know the location of the parcels. It also acts as proof that a parcel has been delivered as a status update will automatically tag the drop-off location.

Agents can turn off their GPS tracking when not delivering parcels. Go to uParcel app-settings-GPS Tracking.

Please do not make changes to the delivery timing with the customer, it will cause inconvenience to the customer. If you cannot do the job within the timing, please do not accept the delivery request.

If you have arrived at the wrong Pickup address provided by the customer, there is a 50% cancellation fee, capped at a maximum of $10.

If you have arrived or en-route to a wrong Delivery address provided by the customer and need to deliver to a new delivery address, there will be a new delivery charge of up to 100% of the original price.

The 3 hours delivery timeframe is indicated in the delivery details. If it is stated as 9am-12noon, then you will need to deliver between this time.

Jobs completed between 1st-15th will be processed between the 22-24th and jobs delivered between 16th-31st will be processed between the 7-9th of the following month. Payment will be via GIRO bank transfer to the bank account provided. Depending on your bank, it takes 1-3 days for amount to be reflected in your account. Please note that the status of the job has to be ‘Delivered’ before the delivery fees can be paid. uParcel charges 20% commission, and agents will be paid 80% of the delivery fees.

If you are a sub-contractor and is interested in delivering regular deliveries. Please sign up an agent account and email us on your interest. We will inform you once we have a suitable job for you.

Nope. You can use any mode of transport. If you need a car, we recommend TribeCar. Hourly rental at a location near you.

You can do the quiz from the uParcel agent app, under 'Profile'.

For the loss of packages, the agents will bear the compensation as agents are responsible for the delivery of the parcels. You will need to inform the customer and us and we will get the cost of the item from the customer.

This is likely due to your phone settings did not allow permission for the uParcel app to access your camera and photos. Please go to general-settings-permission.

In the permission tab, you have to click on Camera, Storage and Your Location options to allow permissions to the app. Then log out-restart your phone and log in again.

All delivery agents would have to complete their profiles and pass the quiz. After doing so, account approval takes up to 1 week to verify your personal details and ID.

If you are facing issues updating your profile, you would need to enable uParcel app permission to access your camera.

Please go to general-settings- permission. In the permission tab, you have to click on Camera, Storage and Your Location options to allow permissions to the app. Then log out-close the app-open the app and log in again.

Yes, the driver of the van or lorry will need to assist in loading and unloading of the goods.

This is to ease the inconvenience of delivery agent when searching for the specific job request to update delivery status. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Scan QR’ tab and scan the code on the waybill to update your delivery status.

You can download it by clicking on the ‘Statement’ tab. You can also select the option to send the Invoice to your email.

Once you have completed more than 20 deliveries and have a rating of 4 and above, you will be able to accept unlimited number of deliveries.

No. Once the assignment is accepted it cannot be cancelled unless of last minute changes. If you need to cancel, please tap on the cancel button and input the reason. Please note that multiple cancellation will lead to suspension of account.

Yes, you can download our user guide at the bottom of our website. Please find it under quick links: Agent User Guide

Please obtain the Pincode from the receiver and enter it into the app when updating to delivered.

If the receiver is unsure, please contact the sender for Pincode or contact us.

Manpower required means the Van/Lorry driver needs to bring an extra helper to assist in the loading and unloading. The number of manpower required would mean the number of helpers requires, not including the driver.

Customer is now able to add you as their trusted agent in their ‘My Fleet’ list and they can select you or the list of agents in their ‘My Fleet’ to do their delivery.

In this case, only the selected ‘My Fleet’ agents will be notified of the job requests by customers.

After 10 minutes of wait, should there is no acceptance from ‘My Fleet’ agents then the customer will proceed to cancel the job request and make a repost to all agents available in the uParcel app instead.

Yes, you will be notified via email when customers add or delete you from their ‘My Fleet’ list.

For Deliveries Without Manpower:
If you have arrived, please provide proof of arrival and there will be a 50% cancellation fee, capped at a max of $10. If you are on the way provided that the customer did not cancel the job before the pickup time starts, you will also be entitled 50% cancellation fee, capped at $10. For Deliveries with Manpower required, there is also a 50% cancellation fee charged on the manpower.

If you deliver a package late, uParcel may deduct your delivery fees up to 50% and if the item (if it's food), is spoilt due to the late delivery, you will need to compensate for the item. Your account will also be suspended permanently if you have too many late deliveries.

No. Only uParcel authorised staff can access your particulars. The sender of the parcels can only view your contact number and picture on the app.

Please update the status to “undelivered” and input the reason such as “customer request change of date to XXX or customer is not around”. You can re-attempt to deliver in 3 working days, and there are no extra charges. All perishables cannot be reattempted and will be left at the door. Please call and WhatsApp receiver to inform item is left at the door.

If a parcel is deemed to be underdeclared, there are 2 options:

1) Get written approval from Sender/Job requester that there will be additional charges and continue the delivery. You will need to upload a photo that clearly shows either the weight (kg) or the size (H+L+W in cm) of the parcel once you complete the delivery. Then use the ‘Contact us’ on the app to inform our Customer Service team to add on this charge. This will be reflected in your next statement once it is approved.

2) If you cannot continue the delivery due to unavailable space in your vehicle, please cancel the delivery as “Item is under-declared” in the agent app and upload a photo that clearly shows either the weight (kg) or the size (H+L+W in cm) of the parcel. After that, use the ‘Contact us’ on the app to inform our Customer Service team to add on this charge. This will be reflected in your next statement once it is approved.

Agents are highly encouraged to call or SMS the senders/receivers before pickup and delivery to check if they are at home to avoid making a wasted trip.

If the parcel cannot be delivered within the stated time/date because of the receiver, please arrange to make a re-delivery within the next 3 days or you may return it within 2 days with approval from the sender.

Do not leave the parcel at the door without consent from the receiver. If you are advised to leave the parcel at the door, please ask for an SMS as proof and also take a photo of where you have left it.

Please update the status to 'Undelivered' and state the reason. After you have returned back to the sender, please update the status to 'Returned'.

The jobs will disappear once they are accepted by other agents.

On average 90% of delivery requests are accepted within 10mins of posting.

You will receive notifications when you are within a distance of the pickup location.

Agents are advised to make a call to check if someone is around to receive it. If there is no receiver when the parcel is delivered, you will make re-delivery at the earliest available date within 3 days at no additional cost or you may return it within 2 days with approval from the sender. However, if the parcel still cannot be delivered on the 2nd attempt, it can be returned to the sender.

Returning the parcel back to the customer is charged at $7* or 50%* of the price, whichever is higher. This is subject to surcharges if any. Please contact the sender and uParcel Admin to inform them of failed delivery before returning the parcel. All perishables items will be left at door with no reattempt. Please call and send WhatsApp to the receiver that the item is left at door.

*Return fees may not be applicable for some customers

First, we will withhold a $100 from your earnings. After investigation and if you are at fault, you will be required to pay the claim amount to uParcel and this will be paid to the claimant. If the amount is more than $100, you will be required to pay the balance to us, and we will pay to the claimant. If the claim amount is less than $100, we will deduct the amount from the $100 withheld directly and then release the remaining balance to you within 90 days from the withheld date.

Please be advised that at every end of the cycle (1-15 and 16-31), the balance in the agent's wallet will be reset to zero and this balance will be the amount of your payout, which will follow our payout schedule:
1st - 15th Delivered Jobs -> Processed between 22nd to 24th
16th - 31st Delivered Jobs -> Processed between 7th-9th the following month.

Go to Manage Delivery, then click Swap on the job to change the driver. Driver cannot be changed when status is updated to "item Picked up"

We'll get back to you within 2 working days via email after you submit your Company Profile details.

Once you've added the driver to your fleet, your driver will have to download the uParcel app from Google Play or Apple App Store. On the initial login, they will have to tap on Forgot Password via Mobile, enter their OTP and set up a password.

Your driver has not completed their agent quiz via the uParcel app.

Your drivers will have to login to the uParcel app and complete the agent quiz. Once they have passed and successfully submitted the quiz, they will be automatically approved.

No, your driver's profile picture must clearly show their face for identification purposes. Profiles that do not meet the platform standard, will be removed.

Under the My Drivers tab, tap on Add Driver to add a driver to your fleet. You'll need to fill in your driver's details and upload a clear photo of their face to successfully register them into the uParcel system.

Under My Drivers, your driver's status will be updated to Active. They will also receive an email and SMS from uParcel informing them that their account has been activated.

You can deactivate your drivers by blocking them via My Drivers > Edit > Block Icon Drivers cannot be entirely deleted once they have completed deliveries to ensure tracablility of every job.

Under the Available Jobs and Recommended Jobs tab, you'll find jobs available for you to accept and assign to your drivers.

The tab allows you to view jobs near your drivers' location so that you can quickly find and assign more suitable jobs to your drivers.

You can only cancel jobs if there is a valid reason (i.e. Wrongly Accepted, Vehicle Breakdown) and the status of the delivery is still Pickup in Progress. Multiple cancellations will lead to account suspension.

After you have registered your drivers and they have completed the agent quiz via the uParcel app.

After your driver completes the agent quiz via the uParcel app, they can go to the Available Jobs tab to accept jobs

The blue indicates no. of parcels that the driver has to pickup and the green indicates the no. of parcels to deliver.

Once you have registered your driver via the Corporate Admin, the driver will "inactive" until they download the uParcel app and login to their account via OTP.

Yes, you can unblock your driver via Edit under your driver list. However, you will not be able to unblock your drivers if they have been blocked by uParcel admin.

To apply for a Partner Fleet account, go to and register an account. After registration is complete, you must complete your Company Profile by providing your address, UEN, ACRA and bank details. Only registered businesses can apply.

As a Partner Fleet you will be able to view, assign and manage jobs to your own fleet of drivers. You will be able to utilise your fleet's idle capacity to earn additional revenue for your company through completing jobs on uParcel platform.

You can request a maximum of $1000 per day.

Yes, you can request instant pay anytime except on these dates; 13th – 16th and 29th – 1st locked period. You can only request instant pay once a day, and there should not be any pending claims transactions.

For the month of February, due to the short month, you will not be able to request from 26th to 1st.

We have updated and moved ‘My Earnings’ in ‘Agent Wallet’. You can view your earnings by clicking my Agent Wallet > My Earnings tab.

This is because Agent wallet balance is nett of 20% commission and My Earnings is before the deduction of 20% commission.

You can click on ‘Agent Wallet’ > ‘Instant Pay’ > Fill in the amount you want to request for payout. Please ensure that your account has $200 or and above to do this transaction.

You can request as low as $2 and a maximum of $1000 a day.

Your request will be unsuccessful if your account gets blocked.

Your request will be unsuccessful if your account is under ongoing claims investigation.

You can only request an instant payout if your agent's wallet has more than $200. Example: If your agent's wallet has $300 at the moment, you can only request $100. Your account must have a balance above $200 at any time to be eligible for the payout request.

You will get your payout on the normal fortnightly cycle between 7th to 9th (for jobs completed 1-15) and 22th to 24th for jobs completed 16-31th).

You can request a minimum of $2 per day. But do take note that, we will still charge a transaction fee of $1 and you will only receive a $1 payout after deducting the transaction fee.

Yes, the $1 transaction fee will be deducted even if you request for $2 payout.

Yes, there’s a transaction fee of $1 for every instant pay request.

Your instant pay will be approved on the next working day. E.g If you request for payout on Friday, it will be approved and paid on Monday. However, if Monday is a public holiday, then the payment will be approved and paid on Tuesday when our finance team is back to work. We do not approve payments on Saturday/Sundays/Public Holidays.

No, you can only request 1 instant payout per day. If you have a pending request, you won’t be able to request another payout.

The $200 balance is put on hold in case of job amendments, we will deduct any claims from the $200. However, if there are no ongoing claims, it would be bank transferred to you as per normal fortnightly a month according to our usual payout periods between 7th to 9th (for jobs completed 1-15) and 22th to 24th for jobs completed 16-31th) .

Yes. If there is any job amendments reported by the customer and it have been approved, they will be shown and listed as a transaction. This will be included in your Agent Wallet.

You won’t be able to request a payout on these locked period dates: 13th – 16th and 29th – 1st every month.