uParcel Services

uParcel provides a wide range of services, from 1 hour Rush and 3 hours express for urgent deliveries including same-day, next-day, and specific time deliveries.

With our additional services, we provide a fully customizable delivery booking experience. Choose from over 10+ selection of extra services when you book a delivery with us.


Digital Signature on D.O

At $0.00, you can upload your delivery orders to be digitally signed by your receiver.


Queue Service (Max.35mins)

Our agent will queue to pick up or deliver your item up for up to a duration of 35 minutes. Recommended to add on $15.00 for deliveries to bank counters etc.


Return Trip (2 Days)

At $7.00, the agent will return to the pickup point within 2 days and pickup an item to deliver back to you. Please note that this can only be used for small parcels or document less than 1kg.


SMS Pincode to Recipient

For $0.10, uParcel will send an SMS pincode to your recipient when the delivery is picked up. The agent will then key in the pincode from the receiver to verify before handing over the parcel.


Drop in PostBox (ex.stamp)

uParcel agents can pick up your parcel from your door and drop it at the Post Box! Please remember to paste your stamps on the parcel first.


Verify Name and ID

At a charge of $1.00, the recipient’s IC will be checked before successful delivery. Suitable for delivery of medication and electronic devices.


Fragile Items

Get extra protection for your parcels when you add on $3.00. Recommended for fragile items like wine, alcohol and cakes.



Extra Services Tailored for Delivery by Van or Lorry


Return Trip (Document)

Add on $15.00 to deliver a document from your drop-off location back to you. 


Dismantle/Assemble x 1 Pc

Our agents will help you dismantle or assemble one item at $30.00. Recommended for house deliveries.


Manpower Moving (Ex.Driver)

Add additional manpower to your delivery service at $40.00. Please add on this service for bulky items that exceed 25kg or 200cm (H+L+B).


Need Pallet Jack

Add on $20.00 for our agent to stack and move your bulky deliveries on pallets.


No Lift Access

At $10.00 per level, our agents will deliver to places with no lifts.