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3PL Delivery Service in Singapore

Whether you're a small, medium, or corporate-sized business or organization, you need your envelopes, parcels, and packages delivered in a timely manner. You also want to be assured that your precious cargo reaches its destination safely, undamaged, and untampered with in any manner. 3PL Services in Singapore is your best solution for the management of your package transport.


Technology affects all types of industries today, even third-party logistics providers in Singapore. We're proud to offer the Uparcel 24/7 mobile delivery app which works on all the best devices, smart phones, and tablets on the market today. The app is free. Simply download it from the app store and experience simple installation. Create an account and log in.


You'll need to begin with an E-wallet and transfer funds ($50) to your account. From here you'll be able to manage all your package delivery tasks.


You can still use your computer to manage your parcels too. You can choose Request Delivery or Track Your Order at the top right of the screen. If you are requesting delivery of a package, you'll need to click on Manage Delivery and then click on Print Waybill. This needs to be printed and attached to your parcels and documents before our service agents can pick it up.


Many companies are small and don't have an onsite warehouse where they can manage and store their products. We also offer a one-stop service where you can store your inventory in our warehouse. As your orders come in, we'll pack them to your sales orders. We can handle the deliveries right from our warehouse to your customers' addresses. This is a value-added service where customers will appreciate receiving their goods in a timely manner.


3PL Services in Singapore wants you to have one less worry when preparing your packages for delivery. We want you to feel confident that once your packages leave your premises, that they secure and protected from our service vehicles and to when they will drop off at your customers' locations.

If you wish to know more about how third-party logistics companies, such as 3PL Services Provider in Singapore, can better streamline your package delivery, please give us a call today to discuss a better solution for your business or organization.