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Do you own a fleet of drivers?
Looking to maximise your driver fleet's capabilities to deliver and earn more?

Register A Partner Fleet Account

Why Join Us?

Why Join Us As A Partner Fleet Account?

  • Maximise your delivery fleet's potential

    Get Access to over 1,000 delivery jobs daily on the uParcel platform

  • Easy driver and job management

    Simple web interface to add your drivers and assign jobs directly to them.

  • Fast & Easy to apply

    Create your partner fleet account in less than 5 minutes!

  • Payment every 2 weeks

    Receive payment for all the deliveries completed every 2 weeks directly to your company account.

  • Get extra 2% rebate in commission

    Enjoy bonus earnings for all drivers with exclusive partner fleet rebates.

    *All added drivers must be your company's employees (matching your submitted ACRA) with valid commercial insurance and work permits for foreigners. Companies found to have breached the Employment Act will be reported to MOM.



Register as a Partner Fleet Admin and upload ACRA to complete profile verification.


Add Drivers

Add drivers to your fleet. They will then need to download the uParcel app and complete a short quiz to be approved.



Once drivers are approved, you can start accepting and assigning jobs to your fleet via the web dashboard!

Driver App

How does the driver app work?

Step 1: Login as Delivery Agent

Once the Partner Fleet Admin adds a driver to the fleet, the driver can simply log in to uParcel app for the first time with their phone no. via 'Forget Password.'

Mobile App

Step 2: Complete the Quiz to start delivering

uParcel is built on a trusted community of delivery agents. Partner fleet drivers will need to complete the complete the quiz they can start accepting jobs.

Mobile App

Step 3: Start Delivering Happiness!

Partner fleet drivers can start accepting and completing jobs via the app dashboard. Deliver parcels in the shortest time with our in-app route optimizer!
Earnings will be paid directly to the Company.

Mobile App

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