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On Demand Urban Delivery Service Singapore

One parcel or multiple deliveries, uParcel has the solution. Our door-to-door deliveries will delight your customers and save you precious time queuing at the post office. Recipients get SMS notifications on incoming deliveries and direct access to the delivery personnel. Your customers also will not need to travel to a post office to collect their registered mail when the delivery is missed. Save time by arranging multiple deliveries in one pick-up. Expanding your e-commerce business and want reliable regular pickups? Our in-house fleet of delivery vehicles (bikes, vans and trucks) is here to deliver. 

Uparcel also offers end-to-end logistics solutions for your online business. Warehousing, inventory management, pick & pack to the final delivery. You can store your products with us and manage your business digitally. 

The growth in e-commerce is picking up speed in Asia, not only from e-commerce marketplaces but also from consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online sales platforms and social media sales. There are more and more platforms for consumers to discover new and unique products online but the urban logistics in Singapore to have them delivered are lagging behind. Most still rely on physical meet-ups or local post offices to deliver the items. Courier rates are still expensive and have slowed the advancement of e-commerce. The Urban logistics in Singapore would need to evolve to make last-mile fulfilment in cities more efficient.

Founded with the mission to make Urban deliveries in Singapore more efficient and accessible to small and medium enterprises (SME), uParcel was started to match latent supply capacity to delivery demand. uParcel focuses on urban cities as city dwellers have the means to make purchases online which means high demand for last-mile deliveries. Densely populated cities not only have a high demand for last-mile fulfilment needs but also possess significant supply capacity in the form of unused delivery vehicles and times. Crowdsourcing deliveries would then bring down rates of deliveries and further facilitate online retail.

Most e-commerce logistics provider targets high volume brand name retailers and manage their deliveries end to end. uParcel focuses on the neglected small retailers by providing them with the fulfilment capabilities to deliver at small volumes within their flexible schedule.

Online Australian retailers who want to expand to Singapore can do this with the support of uParcel full e-commerce fulfilment service. uParcel ensures your parcel reaches your clients' door hassle-free. You need not invest in infrastructure, transport and network distribution. Warehousing, Picking, Packing and Delivery can all be provided by uParcel in one platform.

Retailers will be provided with ample storage capacity for product management. uParcel delivery rates are fairly priced and are independent of the distance covered while delivering the parcel. You will have certainty of your last mile fulfilment cost, no matter where your customers location is.

Our Delivery Solutions Designed for Ecommerce

  • End to End solutions. From warehousing to delivery. Transparent Fixed Pricing. Be 100% sure of the rates to offer on your e-commerce sale site without asking for quotes every time.
  • Fast and easy mobile app or web-form delivery request
  • Monthly on credit corporate billing
  • No need for paperwork. Delivery records are captured on your app and web login 
  • Request for deliveries in batches and track them all in one go
  • Easy-to-use web form for bulk upload of deliveries
  • SMS Notification to the receiver prior to delivery
  • Free $100 insurance coverage for each delivery
Contact us at sales@uparcel.sg on how we can help you scale your e-commerce business.