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Outsource Logistic Solution

Outsource Logistics Services

Escalating operational cost, low utilisation on delivery vehicles, short of manpower?

Have Uparcel manage your logistics needs. Uparcel leverage on demand pooling and location clustering to achieve efficiency for businesses. Use our bulk upload to get your goods deliveries booking submitted at one go.

Uparcel can customise a logistics solution depending on your needs. Uparcel in-house fleet of vans and bikes delivers the reliability you need. Uparcel point to point dynamic delivery system requires no secondary sorting at warehouses for your goods; ensuring minimum handling and maximum speed for your goods.

Outsource your storage, order fulfillment and goods delivery to us and you can focus 100% on building your business. Save on the cost of managing your own inventory, logistics and hiring of driver as we will handle all your logistic requirements. Email sales@uparcel.sg for a quote now.

Our Outsource Logistics Service Provides

  • Customised logistics solution from small packages to large cargo.

  • Warehousing, Order-fulfillment and Delivery - Focus on running your sales, and let us handle your storage, packing of orders and deliveries for you.

  • Modern management skills to ensure logistics play vital role in boosting client business.

  • We promise and focus our logistics service on safety and speed.

  • Single efficient sorting at warehouse for minimum handling time.

Australian Merchants are welcome to partner with uParcel for expansion into Singapore. you can ensure full suite of e-commerce solution without any investment into infrastructure, vehicles and network distribution. Australian merchants are able to access the Singapore market at an affordable cost. uParcel is able to warehouse, store, pick , perform last mile delivery and provide up to date delivery status for their Australian partners.

Merchants will be provided with sufficient and multiple storage shelves to manage their products. Our delivery process is priced at flat rate regardless of distance to ensure certainty in cost. For hassle free importing products into Singapore we able to work with our freight forwarding partners to handle your import and tax matters.