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uParcel provides a wide range of services, from 1 hour Rush and 3 hours express for urgent deliveries including same-day, next-day, and specific time deliveries.

Document Courier Services

Document Courier Singapore

All businesses use documentation in the course of conducting business that often cannot necessarily be communicated digitally. Original or confidential documentation actually often needs sound security throughout the handling and delivery process, and having a trustworthy courier can be vital to some operations. Even in situations where time is of the essence, getting a document transferred from one official party to an intended recipient regularly requires a professional level of service. And, professionalism and ease of secured transfer is what we at uParcel strive to provide in document delivery in Singapore.


Our document courier service is an established Singapore delivery document runner with a solid track record of service for our clients. We utilize application technology that allows our customers to either call or text a message for need of a courier and we can respond immediately. There is no more need for local mail to deliver necessary documents when uParcel can provide quick and easy service that guarantees delivery in a timely and efficient manner. We can designate pick up and drop off times, which can minimize waiting and wondering for all clients.


Our services at uParcel are not limited to serving as a biker document courier who can cut through traffic and ensure quick delivery, as we also have an outsource logistics service as well for those needing motorized courier service for specific deliveries. Cargo and product size are not necessarily a problem for our logistics operation, as it is designed to help businesses focus on lean warehouse management and timely movement of products. We understand that all delivery needs are not the same for all business managers, and we strive to personalize the delivery routine according to the customer's needs.


In fact, at uParcel we also provide end to end service for all ecommerce businesses that can utilize our last mile urban delivery system in a time efficient manner. Our in-house logistics system can eliminate the need for using the U.S. postal system or independent order delivery through other large parcel services. We offer personal service in a reliable fashion that helps our customers keep their customers.


Our uParcel free courier mobile app can also be built into any company website making it readily available for business operators and customers alike to know where their package is as well as when it will arrive. This API integration can be a real advantage for businesses in a highly competitive industry that are looking for the right edge of competing operations, especially if they implement ecommerce methods as well. Call or click today on our official company website and put our courier service to work for your business.