uParcel delivers same day for a local furniture company

8 Aug. 2022

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Apart from small parcels, uParcel has capabilities to deliver large, bulky deliveries up to 900KG. In this case, we delivered large pieces of furniture for a local furniture company in Singapore, smoothing out their bulky delivery fulfilment


Our Client

A local furniture company in Singapore approached us inquiring for bulky deliveries in Singapore. They are a relatively popular furniture business specialising in the sale of ergonomic chair and desks. With the growth in popularity of adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs owing to the shift towards work from home arrangements, our client had to outsource their deliveries to meet their customer demands.

Upon receiving their bulk inquiry request for a quote, our sales team got down to business and contacted the team to discuss on their delivery requirements.



Apart from dealing with documents and small parcels, delivering bulky items are not out of our league either. As a same day delivery company, we also do same day delivery, even within 3 hours (3 Hours Express) for large items. From as low as $33 for a capacity of half a van, our client could get large items such as ergonomic gaming chairs and adjustable desks to their customers with no extra charges scaling by distance travelled. We had always adhered to our policies of providing a flat rate for our clients islandwide.



We dispatched our delivery agents delivering via van and lorries to take up the jobs, and got our clients’ large furniture delivered to their customers within a day. With extra service options such as extra manpower, pallet jack moving and no lift access (for delivery locations without lifts/escalators), we provided the best solution for our client to delight their customers.

With our exceptionally fast furniture delivery service to our client through our web and app booking, we made sure that to meet their last mile fulfilment expections so that their customers would have be greatly satisfied with their express furniture delivery.


Large, bulky and heavy items were delivered by our agents faster than ever and our client saw a 25% increase in positive reviews online, and a 10% increase in customer satisfaction. All of these could be attributed to the effective partnership with the uParcel team and we continued to receive outsourced delivery orders from our satisfied client for months to come.