Lightning fast delivery for gaming chairs and electronic gadgets

8 Aug. 2022

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As more and more people lean towards online shopping for their technology goods, retailers and e-commerce sellers dabbling in the business of selling electronics would require an express delivery service, especially for high-value electronics.


Our Client

An electronics e-commerce retailer in Singapore, selling a range of goods from small gadgets to computers and pheripherals. As an e-commerce retailer running their own website powered by Shopify, they required a compatible e-commerce logistics company to deliver their electronics and technology goods to customers. Same day delivery of electronics had been a field that uParel has always wanted to venture into as we had the capabilities to serve the sector.



Tasked with the job of delivering high-value electronic goods, we had to make sure that the items were delivered safely to their destination. As the value of their goods are relatively high compared to the fee for same day delivery, many customers chose to opt for same day delivery, and partnering up with us was what set this online retailer apart from their competitors. As the volume for the seller is high, the sellers does not want to input the orders manually and would prefers a automated syncing of orders from their system to uParcel’s delivery and also auto update of delivery status.

We had ensure a smooth delivery process for our client so that they could focus on building up their brand and business with a peace of mind.


Leveraging on our existing API Integration technologies, we worked together with the client to set up integrations between the uParcel delivery platform and Shopify website, which ensured that deliveries would be effectively pushed onto the uParcel platform for our agents to complete.

As for the higher valued goods, we had insurance add-ons for our client as a value-added service if required, while all parcels would be automatically insured up to S$100. Such that in the event that it goes lost or missing, there would be a fair compensation for all parties. We also had service for name and ID verification if required, for technology goods such as phones and computers. Our system seamlessly tracks the driver and parcel, ensuring a smooth delivery journey for all our client’s orders.


More and more shoppers are preferring same day or next day delivery for electronic goods, especially if they are rather high in value. In this case, our client saw a 20% growth in number of purchases with customers opting for uParcel’s same day delivery services.