How did we help Top Telehealth companies deliver medicine islandwide?

8 Aug. 2022

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to teleconsult a doctor more frequently and this is one of the many cases in which uParcel served the healthcare sector in Singapore by providing smart delivery solutions to clinics and medical companies.


Our Client

Our client is a healthcare group, operating one of the largest networks of clinics and medical centres in Singapore with over 50 outlets. Our sales team carefully assessed our client’s needs based on their requirements, and began the quotation process promptly. Of all the local Same day delivery providers, they had chosen uParcel as their logistics service company to deliver highly sensitive documents and medication to patients all over Singapore. Choosing uParcel proved to be a catalyst for success as we proved ourselves as an exceptional telemedicine delivery partner.



Several key factors played in this partnership. The goods had to be kept confidential to ensure that patients’ sensitive information were not exposed easily, along with the verification of ID and Pincode to ensure that the medicine is delivered to the right patient. When their patient consults a doctor online or needs their medicine delivered, it is often a race against time. In a study, 50% of customers indicated their preference for their medical supplies and prescriptions to be delivered in the same day. Patients also would like the delivery status to be constantly updated so that they know when they will receive the medication. uParcel also had to ensure that our delivery agents could keep to the timeframe stated by our client by closely monitoring the delivery jobs.




As uParcel offers in house tech capabilities, we have built our courier services to be specialised for healthcare and the medical sector, we were well-placed to handle these important deliveries. One of the services our agents were trained to provide was “Verify Name and ID” – which entailed the checking of ID to ensure the right recipient before completing the delivery. Also, we have built the Pincode service to allow patients to provide the code upon delivery to ensure that the medical is delivered to the right patient. Moreover, we have compliance with the ISO Standards, tailored to delivery of medical supplies.

With uParcel express delivery service, our agent would pick up customers’ prescriptions and deliver them to the recipient within 1 to 3 hours. Not only did this improve the clinics’ relationship with their customers, customer satisfaction and service quality also improved. We have a customer web dashboard tracking the real-time live location of all drivers, ensuring that all deliveries would be accounted for, and are easily trackable on our website by both users and patients. uParcel also sends out an automated SMS to inform the patients of the estimated arrival time of their medication.


With the use of technology, uParcel successfully delivers the medicine every single time, with each delivery completed within the stipulated timeframe. Our clients are pleased with the prompt and secure deliveries that they continued to place a repeat orders for more medicine deliveries for the following months! With the trust built between our client, they became our long-lasting health care delivery partner. uParcel is now the top telemedicine provider, delivering for over 200 clinics and healthcare companies in Singapore, making us the best choice for a fast and smooth medicine delivery service.