A case of rapid retail re-stocking deliveries for a popular fashion chain

8 Aug. 2022

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Restocking trips in a rapid retail environment. Explore a case of speedy outsourced logistics tailored to fashion businesses requiring fast delivery trips around brick-and-mortar outlets islandwide.


Our Client

An independent fashion and lifestyle retail business in Singapore operating across 10 outlets, 7 days a week from 10:30 AM to 10 PM daily, requiring trips around retail outlets to their warehouses to pickup and deliver clothing and goods to restock on the shelves within the same day. After much consideration, they had chosen us as their fashion delivery partner for same day and next day delivery of clothes and parcels.




The challenges with this case would be the rapid back and forth deliveries without delays to ensure the smooth running of clients’ retail business without any hitches. Moreover, the frequency and recurrence of these on demand delivery trips meant that we would need to have adequate on demand drivers to cover the ad-hoc jobs, and a dedicated delivery fleet for the particular client as they prefer to use regular drivers. Deliveries required could sometimes be on-demand and needs to be fulfilled within 1-3 hours to ensure stock are replenished up to date for the peak hours.



For the recurring trips to be completed, our team closely monitored our delivery fleet, and assigned regular drivers who would frequent the delivery area; furthermore, we also have a feature for all our clients to add agents into a ‘Favourite Fleet’ group in which deliveries can be regularly assigned only for these group of drivers to accept the job. This allowed the client to maintain a standard of delivery as the same drivers would be able to take on their delivery jobs.

Moreover, we have developed an AI clustering algorithm to cluster jobs based on pickup and drop off points, as well as a in-app route optimizer. This meant that our deliveries would be optimized and 60% faster as our drivers are capable of working at higher capacities.

On top of these organised delivery runs, we also do a number of ad-hoc requests for our client. These ad-hoc delivery jobs can be easily accepted by uParcel agents as we have a strong network of delivery drivers crowdsourced from all over Singapore. This prepares us for any delivery job and ensures that our delivery promise is fulfilled.


If there are any issues faced by our client, whether regarding the deliveries or the admin dashboard system, our customer service team would provide their best support and identify areas for further improvement. In our quest to provide the best service to both our client and their customers, uParcel team always strives for an excellent working relationship.