Your delivery problem is our Business

2 Nov. 2021

Home and business delivery have been a norm and trend in Singapore ever since COVID19 strike the world.
Many businesses from retail, e-commerce, F&B, home-based business rely heavily on delivery services. Even as a consumer we would choose delivery over self-pickup.

The delivery problems consumers and business owners are facing:
•    Finding a same-day delivery service provider
•    Finding a delivery service provider who can deliver time-sensitive products (example, cakes, foods, medicine, and flower)
•    Able to track delivery agents in real-time
•    Able to contact the agent once the item has been picked-up
•    Get updated on the agent’s ETA

These are usually the pain points many consumers and business owners have to face every day. Your issues have been noticed, and we have solutions for you.

uParcel is the largest same-day delivery service provider in Singapore. We deliver from meat to medicine. Our app allows users to track our agents in real-time and they can be contacted from the app itself via SMS/WhatsApp/call. Our agents will message the receiver their ETA when they are on the way.
This way, business owners can focus more on their business operations and consumers can be assured that their items are in safe hands and will arrive safely.

Download our app now to request delivery or you can head to our website to book a delivery.

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