What is uParcel API Integration?

21 July 2021

What is API?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are critical to software development. APIs are essentially an interface a computer-running software uses to talk to another. It also enables developers to build applications and micro-services more rapidly. 

APIs are the cornerstone of digital transformation. Harnessing the power of API can bring rapid innovation to your business, leading to higher cost savings and increased efficiency among many other benefits.


Why Integrate with uParcel API?

uParcel API is clean and easy. You can easily add it to your current e-commerce platform in minutes. Some of our API supported platforms would include WooCommerce, Shopee, Shopify and Magento.

Allow uParcel to help handle your logistics and enjoy savings on operational costs. uParcel can provide your business with a strong and reliable delivery fleet with the capability of delivering goods on time to keep your customers happy.


uParcel API Integration

How do I add uParcel API to my Shopify store?

For Shopify users, you will require an advanced Shopify plan to successfully integrate with our API by downloading the uParcel App from the Shopify App Store. Click here to learn how to integrate your Shopify store with uParcel!


uParcel and Shopee Integration

uParcel and Shopee Integration

uParcel is also an up-and-upcoming logistics channel that will be integrated into the Shopee platform. Our service model presents an on-demand, same day delivery service which has been positively received by many Shopee sellers and customers, especially those in the food and beverage category.

We have been delivering seafood, groceries, pet food (to name a few) for Shopee sellers and will be opening up to more sellers to use in the future!

Find out more about uParcel API here.

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us at express@uparcel.sg

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