uParcel Additional Services: Skip the Queue and More!

3 June 2022

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Additional services you can add to your delivery booking


Every delivery order you make can be fully customized to suit your needs. During your booking, you’ll be able to choose from an array of extra services to add on to your delivery request.


Here are all the additional service options available if you have chosen “All” as your preferred mode of transportation.


Digital Signature on D.O $0.00

If you require the Digital Signature of the Receiver to appear on your Delivery Order (in PDF), you can upload your D.O by selecting this service. After the delivery, you will be able to download the D.O, and the receiver’s signature will appear on the next page.


Queue Service (Max.35mins) $15.00

Skip the queue with this special add-on service! Our agent will do the waiting for up to 35 minutes. For instance, if you have a document to deliver to a bank counter, or to send an item for return, the delivery agent will queue for up to 35 mins to hand over the item.


Return Trip (2 Days) $7.00

Non-urgent return trips back to the pickup point in 2 working days. Add on this economical service if you require a delivery to be made from your recipient, back to you. Do note this is strictly for small parcel or document less than 1kg.


SMS Pincode to Recipient $0.10

uParcel will SMS a pincode to your recipient for an additional layer of verification. The delivery agent will have to request the pincode from the receiver and then enter the pincode into the app to confirm the delivery and update as delivered. 


Drop in PostBox (ex.stamp) $1.50

We will help you drop your item off in a Post Box so you can post your items from the comfort of your home! Our delivery agent will pick up your item from your doorstep and bring it to the nearest Post Box address. Please affix the postage stamps to your item before handing over to our agent.


Verify Name and ID $1.00

During delivery, our agent will verify your recipient’s name against their ID before handing the item over. This service is recommended for sensitive items such as medication and high-value electronics.


Fragile Items $3.00

Choose this service if you require special handling of your parcel. Our delivery agent will take special care in delivering your fragile items such as glass and flowers.


Additional Services for your Bulky Delivery using Van or Lorry


We have more additional services if you have chosen Van or Lorry as your delivery mode. Find out more below:


Return Trip (Document) $15.00

For delivery of document from the delivery location back to the pickup point. Add on this service if you require a document to be delivered back to you.


Dismantle/Assemble x 1 Pc $30.00

Dismantling or assembly of one item. For instance, if you need to dismantle a piece of furniture for house moving.


Manpower Moving (Ex.Driver) $40.00

Choose this service if you require an extra person to move your bulky items (not possible for a single person to lift & carry), or if your item is more than 25kg or 200cm (H+L+B).


Need Pallet Jack $20.00

Choose this service if have bulky items that require to be stacked and moved on pallets.


No Lift Access $10.00 per level

For locations that do not have elevators or lifts, you will need to choose this service for the movers to climb the stairs to pickup/deliver your item.


Now that you know what our extra services entail, go forth and start customizing your delivery bookings. For any queries, please feel free to email to express@uparcel.sg or chat with us on our livechat.


Happy delivering!

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