Unleash Your Creativity and Earn with uParcel Agent Reels Campaign!

11 Jan. 2024

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Are you a social media enthusiast with a passion for creating engaging content? Get ready to turn your creativity into cash with uParcel's exciting Agent Reels Campaign! This innovative campaign invites uParcel agents to showcase their talent by posting reels on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok and earning a $5 cash reward for each qualifying post.

How do I participate?

Create Reel:
Craft a reel / video post featuring uParcel and our commitment to "Same Day Delivery." Make sure to clearly mention us, 'uParcel' and incorporate our slogan, 'Same Day Delivery', in the video.
Reel must be at least 5 seconds!

Hashtags and Description:
In the description, add the hashtags #uParcel, #SameDayDelivery, and #DeliveryJobs. This not only helps in tracking but also spreads the word about our efficient delivery services.

Submit Details for Verification:
After posting your 1st reel, fill out the Google Form for verification and record (you only need to do this once). Click here to fill out the form.

Terms and Conditions

1. Monthly Incentive Cap:
Total incentives are capped at $100 per month, ensuring a fair distribution of rewards among our talented agents.

2. Daily and Monthly Limits:
Agents can post a maximum of 1 reel per day and up to 20 reels per month, allowing consistent participation without overwhelming the platform.

3. Verification Process:
Participants must be verified uParcel agents to be eligible for rewards. Additionally, they must follow the uParcel account on the social media channel where the reel is posted.

4. Visibility Requirement:
Reel posts must remain visible until the end of the campaign period to qualify for rewards.

5. Clear Sound in Videos:
Ensure that the sound in your video is clear enough for the mentions to be heard, providing a seamless experience for viewers.

6. Campaign Flexibility:
While we're excited about the Agent Reels Campaign, uParcel reserves the right to modify or end the campaign without prior notice. This campaign will run from 12th January to 31st March 2024.

Let Your Creativity Shine!

Unleash your creativity, showcase your talent, and earn rewards with uParcel's Agent Reels Campaign. We look forward to seeing your fantastic reels and appreciate your dedication to making uParcel a recognized name in the world of same-day delivery. Join the movement, spread the word, and let the reels roll in! Reach out to marketing@uparcel.sg for any inquiries.

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