Top tips on how to become a successful delivery agent

21 Sept. 2021

Have you been thinking of signing up with the local parcel delivery companies in Singapore? But you cannot make up your mind.

First thing you need to ask yourself, can I do it?

It is not a profession that everyone can or wants to do. This profession is challenging, physically demanding, fast-paced, and requires long hours, yet it is also extremely rewarding. It is a "good honest work."

It's an excellent start if you love to work alone or with a partner in all weather conditions. It's also important to remember that you're working in the service sector, where you'll be expected to meet certain service standards every day, and you need to remind yourself of this on a regular basis. Only the fittest survive in the delivery service sector, which is very competitive. Because this is in-demand industry.

The minimum level of qualities required to succeed in this field
•    Ability to work independently.
•    Be systematic.
•    You take pride in the service you deliver.
•    Make it your goal to be the best.
•    Maintain a customer-centric mindset.
•    Tenacious
•    Complete the task on time and correctly the first time.
•    Ability to work under pressure.
•    Ability to follow the delivery timing.
•    Work until the task is completed.

Do you have the minimum qualities mentioned above?

uParcel is currently active hiring new agents to join our team of delivery agents.
If you have your own vehicles, i.e., Van, Lorry, Car, Motorbike, 10 or 14 Ft Truck. You are welcome to join us and if you sign up from 1st September -30th September 2021. You are eligible to earn a daily incentive of $19/day when you complete 9 deliveries per day for 10 days (UP to $190 Bonus). Only jobs completed before the campaign ends of the campaign will be counted.

What if I can’t achieve 9 deliveries per day?

Fret not, you can accept bundle jobs to fulfil minimum 9 deliveries per day to receive your 10 days bonus incentives. uParcel have revamped our app and have redesigned our UI. Our new app is equipped with Route Optimizer AI Technology. Your accepted jobs will now be optimised and arranged based on date, time & distance. With these new features it will help you to save time, save petrol and will get you to earn more!

How to participate in the bonus? Simply follow the steps below:

1) Download the uParcel app (Available on Google Play Store and Apple Appstore)
2) Complete your profile and attain 100% score on the agent quiz
3) Navigate to the jobs tab to start accepting jobs
4) Complete minimum 9 jobs daily within the first 10 days!

How do I redeem the bonus?

Your cumulative bonus will be credited to the bank account registered in your agent profile, along with your salary for completed jobs.
Sign up to be our Delivery Hero! Download our app today! from App Store & Play Store

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