Tips to join a reliable parcel delivery company

12 Oct. 2021

Are you one of those individuals looking to earn extra income during this pandemic?
Have you considered signing up with one of the local parcel delivery companies? But you cannot make up your mind.

There are many parcels delivery companies in Singapore that hire freelance delivery agents. Most individuals who are a first timer will frequently ask these questions. Which company should I join? What should I look for? Which is the best company to join?

5 Tips to lookout for to sign-up as a delivery agent:
1.    Hassle free sign-up
2.    Easy use of delivery app
3.    Excellent operation support
4.    Reliable user experience app
5.    Salary payout frequency


Hassle Free Sign-Ups
uParcel allows you to sign up with just a few easy steps. All you need to do is fill in your details, upload your photo, upload front and back of NRIC, complete Quiz and wait for your account to be approved, which usually take about 1-3 working days.

Easy Usage of Delivery App
It is very important that the company’s app is user-friendly. From registration, login, quiz completion, accepting jobs to job completion. To ensure a smooth delivery.

Excellent Operation Support
Operation support is very important to any delivery agents. They are the ones who are going to assist you when you have trouble with the app or when you have issues delivering/collecting the items. Having a good support is one of the criteria that you should lookout for.

Reliable User Experience App
Besides having a user-friendly app to work with. It is very important that the app is equipped with important features that not all company has. At uParcel, we always ensure that we will update and upgrade our app to make it easier for our delivery agents to complete their jobs more efficiently and systematically.
With our redesigned UI, new added features like route optimizer AI technology and manual sorting. Drivers can save time and save petrol. This way you as an agent can earn more. Your accepted jobs will now be optimized and arranged based on date, time, and distance and if you need to change the sequence of the jobs, you can tap on manual sorting and drag the jobs up and down to change it sequence.
If you change your mind, you can just tap on auto-optimize the app will optimize the jobs for you again.  Do you know that our revamped app has a shortcut filter for you to view jobs by highest amount? This way if you want to accept only highest price job. You can just tap on High $$ on the app.

Salary Payout Frequency
This is usually the main factor all drivers would consider a company to join. Most companies are paying once a week. But there is a minimum amount to reach per week and drivers will need to submit to request for the weekly payout. At uParcel, our salary payout frequency is every 2 weeks. And there’s no minimum payout. Even if you only earn $10, uParcel will still process your payout. Plus, you do not need to request for payment. It is auto payout every fortnightly.
Jobs completed between 1st-15th will be processed between the 22-24th and jobs delivered between 16th-31st will be processed between the 7-9th of the following month. Click here for more information

So why should you join uParcel?
1.    Payment fortnightly – get paid every 2 weeks after your delivery is completed.
2.    Earn more cash – UP to $20/hr there is no minimum commitment.
3.    Fast & Easy to apply. – Simply download our app or sign up here for an account.
4.    You can deliver with us using any mode of transportation – motorbike, car, van, public transport, or bicycle.

Download our app here: App Store and Play Store

Sign up with us today and start earning extra income with us.

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