The Future of Telemedicine and Parcel Delivery after COVID-19

15 March 2022

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It is unclear how long the COVID19 pandemic will last or what its ultimate impact will be on society. However, there are some things we can be certain about. First and foremost, amongst these is that Virtual Reality (VR) and Telemedicine are going to play a much larger role in both our personal lives and in the business world.

The pandemic is pushing the boundaries of technology as we grapple with how to keep people safe and connected. Telemedicine is one way in which this is being done – patients can now receive consultations from doctors and nurses online, without having to leave their homes.

It’s a question on many people’s minds – How will we send telemedicine and parcels after COVID19? The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill with businesses, schools, and other essential services being affected from 2020 to late 2021. The demand for telemedicine increased tremendously.

The COVID19 pandemic has forced people to change how they live and work. Many people are now working on a hybrid working arrangement 30/70 work and home. Businesses are shipping more goods than ever. How will we continue to send telemedicine and parcels after the pandemic?

Before even COVID19 struck the world, the deliveries trend has increased sharply, especially in the F&B industry. Many companies partner with food delivery companies i.e.; foodpanda, grabfood, pickupp and more.  

Humans are creatures of habit and routine

Soon after lockdown happened due to the pandemic, many businesses opt for delivery services including clinics that offer telemedicine. With the same demand for food delivery, telemedicine and parcel deliveries will stay for the long run.

Even though the shop is just around the block, many people still choose food deliveries due to their hectic daily schedules. Telemedicine is the same way, especially when someone is sick and weak. He would not want to wait in line at the clinic when he can have a consultation online at home and have his medication delivered.


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