The Do's and Don'ts When Taking a Proof of Delivery (POD)

12 Oct. 2023

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In the world of logistics and delivery services, the Proof of Delivery (POD) is a critical piece of the puzzle. It's the document that confirms a package has reached its intended destination, and it's often the last interaction between a delivery person and the recipient. However, not all PODs are created equal, and there are certain do's and don'ts that every delivery agent should keep in mind to ensure a smooth and efficient process. In this blog post, we'll explore these do's and don'ts in detail.

Things to Do:

1. Take a Clear Photo: One of the most crucial aspects of a valid POD is the visual evidence. Always take a clear photo of the delivered package, capturing it in its entirety. This photo should clearly show the package's condition and any distinguishing marks.

2. Ensure the Parcel and Unit Number Can Be Seen: To avoid any confusion or disputes, make sure that the parcel label and unit number are visible in the photo. This information is essential for both you and the recipient to verify the delivery.

3. Take a Clear Photo of the Parcel with the Location: If you leave the package at the recipient's doorstep or in a specific location as per their request, take a clear photo of the parcel in that location. This can include the doorstep, a riser, or any other designated spot. It helps in providing additional context for the delivery.

4. Submit the POD Photo as Proof: Promptly submit the POD photo as proof of delivery through your company's designated system. This helps in closing the loop and finalizing the delivery process.


Things Not to Do:

1. Do Not Submit a Blurry Photo: A blurry photo is as good as no photo when it comes to a POD. It's essential to ensure that the image is crisp and clear, with all relevant details visible. Blurry photos can lead to disputes and complications.

2. Do Not Take a Photo of the Receiver: Respect the privacy of the recipient. Taking a photo of the receiver, their face, or any personal information is not only an invasion of privacy but also a breach of professional etiquette. Focus on the package and its location instead.

3. Do Not Leave Without Taking a POD: Never leave the delivery location without capturing the necessary POD photo. It's the final step in confirming the delivery and provides protection for both you and the recipient.

4. Do Not Leave the Parcel at the Doorstep Without Contacting the Receiver: If the recipient is not available, and you're instructed to leave the parcel at the doorstep, make sure to contact them first to confirm this arrangement. Leaving the package without communication can lead to confusion or potential theft.

Do Not Share Delivery Accounts with Foreigners: Sharing your delivery accounts with foreigners is strictly prohibited. Only Singaporean citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) are allowed to perform deliveries in Singapore. Read more.

In conclusion, the Proof of Delivery (POD) is a vital part of the delivery process, ensuring accountability and transparency. By following these do's and don'ts, you can help make the process smooth and hassle-free for both you and the recipient. Clear, detailed photos and respectful behavior will go a long way in ensuring that the delivery process is executed professionally and ethically.

Happy Delivering! 

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