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15 Feb. 2022

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Shopify offers everything you need to set up and operate a successful online store. However, there are times when you will want to work with an outside service provider or logistics company to handle the shipping and delivery of your orders. That's where uParcel comes in. We can help take care of your orders so that you don't have to worry about them while focusing on what matters most your customers.

Whether you're an online retailer, a small business owner, or simply someone who needs to ship packages on the regular, uParcel is the most cost-effective and convenient shipping solution for your Shopify store. We provide cost-effective same-day delivery solutions for all our customers.

Integration Steps
1. Sign Up on uParcel To Get the uParcel API & Secret Key
Note: uParcel Shopify App can only work with the Advanced Shopify plan. Only with the Advanced Shopify plan, Shopify will show the calculated rates from third-party apps at checkout.
2. Install uParcel Shopify App from Shopify's App Store
3. Verify Installation
4. Setting Pickup Address - Update Shopify Admin Settings
5. Update uParcel Profile Settings
6. Verify Checkout Process
7. Delivery Type Settings
8. Verify Order Flow
9. Cancellation of Order
10. To Configure Pick-up Time, Cut-off Time, Pickup Date and Delivery Prices (e.g Free Shipping)

Click here for full Shopify App Documentation step by step guides.

uRoute API Integration
And if your Shopify or e-commerce platform business has its own fleet of drivers. You can sign-up with our newly launched Delivery Management Assistant Platform, uRoute. You can manage your drivers and deliveries using the new platform. Plus, integrating uRoute with your Shopify business. It can help to manage your orders, deliveries, and drivers more smoothly and seamlessly.

For uRoute API integration, contact admin@uroute.co to assist you with the integration. Book a demo session with our Sales Team at sales@uroute.co

We specialize in providing delivery solutions for your business. Get in touch with us today!
Our Delivery Platform: uParcel – Your Easiest Way to Delivery
Our Delivery Management Assistant: uRoute – Optimising your Routes and Deliveries

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