On-Demand Furniture Delivery Service in Singapore by uParcel

17 Oct. 2022

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As on-demand delivery becomes increasingly popular, people find high importance in convenience and fast ways to get their products. On-demand is a type of delivery involving goods or services being delivered to the customer immediately after the order has been placed, usually required on urgent items.
Furniture, usually a bulky or fragile item, requires professionals to handle them. Having a reliable furniture delivery service can be an asset to you if you are a business owner. If you are a furniture company that is concerned about your customer’s shopping experience, you have come to the right place. You wouldn’t need to put yourself through the uncertainty of having your customer receive broken items anymore when you choose to deliver with us.
uParcel is the easiest way to get your new furniture delivered in Singapore. Our company specialises in providing customers with same-day delivery, offering the fastest and safest possible service. The service works across all areas in Singapore and gives you an assurance that you will receive your products within 24 hours.
A premium home furniture delivery service that enables you to book a furniture delivery order online and have it delivered straight to your door. Whether you’re browsing for a 3PL partnership or you want to place an order online, we will bring your weekend leisure furniture into the comfort of your home.
Types of Furniture we often deliver:

1) Fragile Furniture (e.g Glass Table, Shelves)
We empathise and understand the importance of handling fragile furniture with care. Hence, we have included a tab for ‘Fragile Items’ under our extra services with a small additional fee of $3. By selecting this service, our agent will be alerted to treat the item with extreme precaution. Not only does it help to inform our agent, but this service can also guarantee safe and secured furniture delivery around Singapore. Our professionalism in logistics will definitely put your mind at ease when delivering with us.
2) Bulky orders (e.g Sofa, Bed)
For large furniture, uParcel is capable of delivering up to 900kg for a 14ft lorry. The limit is relatively higher than many other logistic providers in Singapore. Moreover, our skilled agents will ensure that your furniture is delivered timely. For bulk delivery services, please email to express@uparcel.sg
On top of that, we have a noteworthy system of processing bulk deliveries. If you have multiple pieces of furniture, simply utilise our excel sheet to make your ordering more convenient. For more guiding instructions on using excel, watch the video below:
3) Electronics (e.g Television, Fans)
As a fast-developing country, customers constantly seek for the need for newer and better technology. Televisions, fans, and fridges are essential facilities in every household. uParcel eliminates the anxiety and urgency of waiting for your electronics to arrive with our express same-day delivery. To hasten waiting time, you can also opt-in for our skip queue service by adding an additional fee of only $15.
Of course, our delivery service is not only limited to the items stated above. We deliver a copious variety of items including cakes, flowers, food, etc. Our on-demand furniture delivery service offers you with highly trained, experienced couriers with appropriate handling to deliver your goods safely.

uParcel’s remarkable same-day deliveries have built us a positive reputation. So, make a purchase and entrust the delivery to us!
Request for delivery now at www.uparcel.sg

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