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5 Feb. 2024

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Starting Out

1. How should I best plan my day to maximise earnings?

Here’s how we envision agents to fully utilise their vehicle to earn their income. In the morning, you could first send your kids to school or be on Grab to send someone else to the office. After which, you could move on to Lalamove or uParcel for deliveries.

In comparison, uParcel has 2 key ease of use. First, the jobs are arranged for you in cluster. This means you could pick multiple jobs in the same area, to drop off at multiple stops along the way. This means in a single trip, you complete more jobs and earn more. Second, the jobs are transparent. If you see it, and you click it, the job is yours. There is no uncertainty in having to bid with others. After which in the evening, you could return back to Grab to ferry passengers or go for a nice dinner.


2. How not to get my car thrashed?

Unless you thrash your own vehicle, this is usually not an issue for delivery agents, unlike AirBnB or ferrying passengers with behaviour which we cannot control.

We still have some useful tips. Usually for food items, we advise agents to keep a large Lock & Lock container in the boot to pop the items inside, so it keeps any smell and spillage. It also recommended to get a compact microfibre towel from Decathlon to line the car to be excessively protected. These towels are below SGD 10 bucks and can be rolled up to be kept easily.


3. How fast can I get paid?

You will receive your hard-earned payout bi-weekly through a bank transfer. For jobs completed between 1st and 15th of the month, you will receive the payout between 7th and 9th of the following month. For jobs completed between 16th and 31st of the month, you will receive the payout between 22nd and 24th of the following month.

If the payout period is too long for you, fret not, you can request for an instant pay and receive the payout on the next working day! This is valid if your Agent Wallet nett earning amount is more than $200. There will also be an admin charge of $1. For example, if you have $300 in your Agent Wallet, you will receive $99 instant pay. [$200 is kept as a security and safety deposit in case of job amendments. This amount will be bank transferred as per the normal bi-weekly payout schedule. $1 is deducted for the admin charge].




1. Can I make a living as a delivery agent with uParcel?

Absolutely! We offer a great opportunity for making a living through delivery services. Check out our Agent’s Benefits page here to see all kinds of perks that our agents receive for delivering with us! It ranges from petrol discount to health screening subsidies, and many more! What are you waiting for? Register as an agent today!


2. Can I be a delivery agent without driving/riding?

Yes, you can! Anyone can be an agent with us, be it by walking, or taking a public transportation. However, do ensure that you deliver the parcel within the stipulated delivery time. After all, customers are always expecting for their precious parcels to arrive on time.


3. Should I go for a bike, a car, or a van?

Rent your vehicles with our partners for exclusive deals: TribeCar and Goldbell Car Rental. Renting a car average out at SGD55 a day, while a van costs around SGD80. uParcel's delivery items are usually the size of a loaf of bread to that of a 3x 6packs carton of milo. Even with clustered jobs, the back passenger seat or the boot of a car will be sufficient. Very seldom do we have a 2.2m Christmas tree to deliver.


How to react during emergencies


1. What do I do if my vehicle breakdown after I picked up the parcel?

In the unfortunate event of vehicle breakdown or accidents, please stay calm and ensure that you are in a safe space to make a call to our customer service hotline at 65898763. We will find another agent nearby your location to continue deliver the parcel.


2. What do I do if I lost/damaged the parcel?

Accidents happen. Therefore, agents will have to take responsibility in handling the compensation as you are entrusted with the delivery of the parcel. Kindly inform the customer and us, and we will work together to determine the item’s cost from the customer.


3. What happens if I am late to deliver the parcel within the stipulated delivery time?

We get it. You can’t help it if nature calls or if you are stuck in a heavy traffic jam. That’s why we advise our agents to select the available jobs carefully. Make sure the jobs that you accepted are the ones that you can realistically deliver within the delivery time. Hence, if you are late, we will deduct your delivery fees payment up to 50%. If you have too many late deliveries, your account will be suspended permanently.

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