New Signup Agent Bonus Incentives with uParcel Singapore

18 Jan. 2022

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uParcel anticipate a high volume during the upcoming Chinese New Year peak period. We are offering our agents to refer a friend and earn extra $10 angbao (reward) this CNY and your friend will receive $10 + $30* when he completes 20 jobs.

✅ Get rewarded with uParcel CNY Refer a Friend Program

How does it work?
Your Friend Gets $10 + $30* Bonus and You Get $10 reward.

How to Participate?
Step 1: Go to your profile and copy the referral code
Step 2: Your friend enters the referral code when filling up 'My Profile' in uParcel app
Step 3: Your friend Complete 20 deliveries ON TIME from 14th - 31st Jan  

Terms & Conditions Apply:
      🚫 No cancellation
      🚫 No Late Pickup or Delivery
      🚫 No Claims
      ✅ Applicable from 14th - 31st Jan

Once, your friend completed 20 jobs he will automatically be eligible for Esso Petrol Card:

✅ 20% Esso Petrol Discount and 1 Smiles Points for every Litre pumped For more info, click here

Requirement to obtain Esso Petrol Card:
To Complete 20 Deliveries Per Month OR Stick our Sticker/Decal on your Vehicle. Fill up the form here to get in touch with us. If you wish to apply for the ESSO petrol card to get the 20% petrol discount, simply complete 20 deliveries per month and we will issue you the petrol card.

✅ Refer as many friends to join uParcel as a delivery agent and earn extra angbao this festive period.  If you have not been active, or if you have not activated your account. This is the best time to get activated and earn the extra reward. Get yourself verified today to start delivering with us and enjoy the delivery agents benefits. Click here for more details. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Have a great time earning and delivering!
Wishing you great happiness, harmony and prosperity during this festive period!


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