Introducing New Recommend Jobs Tab in Agent App

20 Sept. 2022

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Hello delivery partners/agents!

Previously, we revamped your home screen to give you a cleaner and simpler interface, equipped with our newly upgraded route optimizer and more! Today, we’re introducing a new ‘Recommend’ tab to further enhance your job experience delivering with uParcel!

This new tab will recommend jobs based on your location and accepted jobs – giving you quick access to the most suitable jobs for you. Now, you can save time scrolling through long delivery lists and filtering for nearby jobs.

So why have we implemented the ‘Recommend’ tab? This change came from listening to your feedback and through our own research, as we strive to provide you with a more optimised user experience when accepting and completing jobs on the move.


How to activate recommended jobs?


1) Remember to insert your postal code under your profile, and the recommender will recommend jobs to you.

2) Jobs will be recommended to you based on the postal code entered in your profile.


Download or update your uParcel app today to get the latest features and enjoy a smoother experience today!

Encounter any issues? Feel free to reach us via the in-app live chat or drop us an email at

Happy Delivering!

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