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22 Dec. 2023

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Are you looking for a freelance delivery driver jobs in Singapore? Look no further than uPacel, a same day parcel delivery company in Singapore who are well known for their reliable courier delivery service in Singapore. This Same Day Delivery Tech Company is one of the leading courier companies in Singapore with a wide range of services.

They provide same day delivery, express courier delivery, next day delivery services, and secure document delivery, food and medicine delivery. They also provide other kinds of logistic services like Third Party Logistics, warehousing and storage services and ecommerce fulfilment delivery. The company also provides bulk goods delivery services through van and truck.

How to become a freelance delivery driver with uParcel?

Join our uParcel family as a delivery agent in easy steps.

Step 01: Download uParcel app from your respective app store

Step 02: Sign up as a delivery agent

Step 03: Complete your profile and quiz to get verified  

Step 04: Start accepting jobs and start delivering happiness


Benefits in joining uParcel as Freelance Delivery Agent:

Recognizing the integral role these individuals play in the seamless functioning of the company, uParcel has implemented a comprehensive approach to value and support its delivery drivers. Through competitive compensation packages, inclusive of attractive base pay and performance-based incentives, they ensure that its freelance delivery team are not only fairly rewarded for their hard work but also incentivized to achieve and exceed delivery targets. This commitment to the well-being and growth of its delivery agents reflects uParcel's dedication to building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the backbone of its operations – the exceptional individuals who ensure reliable and efficient deliveries for customers across Singapore.

  1. Competitive Compensation Packages
    1. Attractive Base Pay
    1. Performance-Based Incentives
  1. Recognition and Rewards
    1. Acknowledgment of Exceptional Performance
    1. Recognition Programs
  1. Professional Development
    1. Continuous Training Opportunities
    1. Skill Enhancement Initiatives
  1. Flexible Working Hours
    1. Accommodating Schedules for Delivery Agents
  1. Support Systems
    1. Robust Support Channels
    1. Open Communication Structures
  1. Positive Work Culture
    1. Emphasis on a Supportive and Inclusive Environment


Check out more Delivery Driver Benefits of uParcel

How much do you get paid for delivery?

uParcel's commitment to its freelance delivery agents is underscored by its dedication to fair compensation and incentives. Currently, uParcel stands out by paying $5.60 per drop for 35 drops (clustered jobs), a remarkable offer when compared to our competitors' rate of $4 per drop for 50 drops which allow them to bring home $4500/month.

What sets uParcel apart is the financial advantage it provides to its delivery agents. Here's a an example for a simple calculation to illustrate: for a normal non-bundle jobs for parcels under specification: 80 CM (H+L+W) and a maximum weight of 5KG and a 3-hour Express delivery [Courier Price Rates] type cost of $16, the delivery driver will receive 80% of the delivery cost, which is $12.80. If a delivery agent completes 20 deliveries of the same size and delivers five days a week, they can earn about $12.80 x 20 deliveries x 20 days, totaling $5120, just by working five days a week. This flexible earning potential highlights uParcel's commitment to providing lucrative opportunities for its freelance delivery agents.

In conclusion, if you're considering freelance delivery jobs in Singapore, uParcel stands out as a reliable and rewarding option. Join our team, experience the joy of delivering happiness, and enjoy the financial benefits that come with being a valued member of the uParcel delivery team. Check out more about the enticing benefits of being a uParcel delivery driver [here]. Your journey to a fulfilling and rewarding freelance delivery career starts here!

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