Can COVID-19 stop Singaporean from queuing for food?

25 Jan. 2022

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Queuing for meals is a part of Singaporean culture. For their favorite dishes, Singaporeans will stand in long queues. Food delivery applications companies in Singapore are partnering with an expanding number of food merchants to provide food delivery choices.

Customers can now queue or simply order through the food delivery app (i.e., Foodpanda, Grabfood, Deliveroo and more) and wait for their food to be delivered. Furthermore, during the COVID19 circuit breaker, home-based food businesses were added to the list of consumers to order from. They also use food delivery courier services in Singapore, such as uParcel, to deliver their orders to customers, or the consumer requests to pick up their order from the seller.

For convenience and personal safety during this pandemic period, some consumers will choose to use the food delivery services available. But for freshness of cooked food, more than half of the consumers will still opt for queuing for food and dining in.

Regardless of the fact that the dine-in restrictions change from time to time in order to minimize the number of COVID cases. However, as long as the food vendors, restaurants, and cafes are open. Consumers will continue to queue for their food, and they are willing to wait for hours only to eat in the comfort of their own homes.

It’s a very steep competition between queuing for food or order food via delivery app. Unless, the location of the food stall is very far, and they offer island wide food delivery. Then the consumer might consider using the delivery service rather than travel all the way to the food stall.

In summary, COVID19 cannot stop Singapore’s penchant for queuing for food. It’s part of Singapore culture.

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