Book Early, Avoid CNY Peak Surcharge

5 Jan. 2024

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With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, the anticipation for festive gifts and goods is building up. However, the surge in demand during this period poses challenges for timely deliveries. To ensure your packages reach their destination on time and to enhance acceptance rates, consider the following tips and strategies.

Timely Delivery Strategies  

1. Early Booking:  

To avoid last-minute delivery hiccups, make it a priority to book your deliveries well in advance. Aim for at least two weeks before Chinese New Year to secure your delivery slot and ensure a smoother process.

2. Peak Period Surcharge:  

Be mindful of the peak period surcharge, which will be in effect from 26th January to 11th February. Consider adjusting your schedule or opting for earlier deliveries to avoid additional costs.

3. Bulk Orders and Fixed Contracts:  

For businesses with regular delivery needs, will not be subjected to this surcharge. Explore fixed contracts to exempt yourself from peak period surcharges. Communicate with your account manager for personalized assistance and cost-effective solutions.

Acceptance Rate Boosting Tips  

1. Early Booking Incentives:  

Boost acceptance rates by booking your deliveries at least 1-2 days before the scheduled pickup. This allows ample time for drivers to plan their routes efficiently.

2. Expedited Delivery Options:  

Opt for 1 Hour Rush or 3 Hours Express services to make your deliveries stand out. Faster delivery options can attract more drivers and increase the chances of timely shipments.

3. Festive Generosity:  

During this festive season, show appreciation to your delivery partners by including 'hóngbāo' (tips) when making your delivery requests. A little generosity can go a long way in securing prompt and reliable services.

4. Bulk Order Clustering:  

Maximize efficiency by uploading bulk orders together on our website. This clustering approach ensures that drivers can handle multiple deliveries in the same area, reducing delays and optimizing routes.

As we approach the Chinese New Year, planning ahead and following these strategies will help you navigate the delivery rush successfully. Whether you are an individual sending gifts or a business with bulk orders, these tips will contribute to a smoother and more prosperous festive season. Wishing you good luck and good fortune during this joyous time! 🐉

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