9.9 uParcel Launched NEW Revamped App

10 Sept. 2021

On 9 September 2021 uParcel have just launched our NEW Revamped App. It’s available only on Google Playstore for Android Devices. iOS version will be available at a later date.


What can you expect when you update or download our NEW App?
Our updated app is now equipped with ROUTE OPTIMIZER AI TECHNOLOGY.
We have redesigned our User Interface for a better user experience. We have also included live chatbot for you to chat with our customer service, there is also route planner to plan the routes for you and many more.


How can the new app benefit you as a delivery agent?
You can earn more as an agent. Your accepted jobs will now be optimised and arranged based on date, time, and distance. It saves you a lot of time and saves you money on petrol.
4 benefits of Route Planner

1. Optimizes and automates delivery routes for delivery agents.

2. Route details are shown for both Pickup and Delivery locations, saving time

3. Decreases the time of planning routes and increases the number of jobs in a day

4. Manual Sort allows you to switch your locations and plan your Routes


Download our app now to experience the new features. Increase your earnings today with the newly upgraded app.

Our sign-up BONUS (up to $190) for NEW delivery agents is still AVAILABLE till 30th September 2021. Terms & conditions apply.

Refer to our video for more information on how to complete our quiz before you can start delivering.

Have a great time earning and delivering!

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