What to Do If Your Package & Parcel Is Lost or Stolen

28 Dec. 2022

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New Year celebrations are a time for joy and cheer. With the holiday season in full swing, businesses around the world are busy sending out their packages and parcels to their customers. But, what happens if your package is lost or stolen during the holiday season?

Unfortunately, sometimes packages can get lost or stolen, which can be a huge problem for your business. It is important to know who is responsible for a lost or stolen package, if you can make a refund or insurance claim, and what steps you should take if your package is missing. The Christmas and New Year period is the peak time of the year for businesses. Thus, it is important to have a clear understanding for a smooth customer experience, keeping them satisfied and happy.


Step 1: Check the Delivery Status
For every delivery order booked from us, we provide our customers with the tracking number for the package. The delivery transaction ID is viewable for both the customer and the business. Our system provides users with a live update on the status of the delivery through the tracking of the transaction ID. You can track your parcel status with us via our website. Ultimately, we want to provide customers and businesses with assurance, knowing that the parcel is safe with us. 


Step 2: Contact Us
In the situation where the parcel status displays as ‘delivered’, immediately contact our customer service. You can submit your concerns at our website or send us a message via Facebook

All claims must be made in writing, accompanied by the original consignment note, waybill, relevant invoices, receipts, and other supporting documents requested by uParcel. Customers can simply fill in their details in the ‘Contact Us’ form and wait for a reply from us. Our customer service is only available from 9am to 6.30pm (Monday to Sunday).


Step 3: Best Solution
Depending on the situation, businesses may be able to make an insurance claim or receive a refund from us. After the job is accepted by an agent, any claims for damage or loss of package essentially must be made within 3 days from that date. The claims are only limited to one claim per delivery item. In the unfortunate event that the parcel cannot be retrieved, we will compensate you for the value of your parcel or S$100 per parcel, whichever is lower. Settlement of which shall be a full or final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith.

Insurance Charges

Every delivery includes a basic S$100 insurance. Each service has a different additional insurance amount:

1)  1 Hour Rush - 1.2%

2)  Same Day or 3 Hours Express or 2 Way Round Trip - 1.5%

3)  Next Day or Specific Delivery Slot - 2%


The maximum additional insurance coverage is capped at S$1,500

Optionally, businesses can request our additional services for a small sum of charges. For the delivery of fragile items like wine, alcohol, cakes, glass, and furniture, businesses often request to get extra protection for their parcels with an add-on of S$3.00 only. This ensures a safer delivery process and careful handling of items. Otherwise, businesses can also opt for verification at a charge of $1.00. This means that the recipient’s IC will be checked before handing over the packages.

Moreover, for $0.10, we will send an SMS Pincode to your recipient when the delivery is picked up. The agent will then key in the Pincode from the receiver to verify before handing over the parcel.

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