Steps to become verified uParcel Delivery Agents

16 Nov. 2021

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uParcel is actively hiring new freelance full-time or part-time delivery agents.
Steps to become verified uParcel Delivery agents

  1. Search for uParcel on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore
  2. Download and install the app
  3. Register for an account
  4. Upload your IC and photo
  5. Complete the Quiz
  6. Wait for your account to be verified within 1-3 working days

Do you know that you can enjoy agent’s benefits once you become a verified agent?

  1. Discounted Tele-medical consultation
    • $13 flat consultation fee at all times – Delivery fee from $5
    • Island-wide medicine delivery as quick as within 90minutes
    • Skip the queue at Hospitals and clinics
    • Requirement: Be a Verified Agent with uParcel
  2. Esso Petrol Discount
    • Agents will be able to save up to 21.5% of petrol money
    • 20% upfront discount for all grades
    • +  1 X Smiles Point for every Litre pumped (translates to additional 1.5% Fuel Savings) *Fuels savings calculation is based on prevailing pump price of Synergy Extra at $2.63/L and $30 instant fuel redemption with 750 smiles points. For more info, click here:
    • Requirement: To complete 20 deliveries per month or Stick our Sticker on your vehicle
  3. Earn Extra 2% commission for All deliveries
    • When you stick uParcel’s sticker on your Vehicle
    • Requirement: Verified uParcel agent and minimum 6 months commitment.
    • Sign up here: to participate and we will call you to arrange an appointment.

Download our app today and become our verified delivery agent.
Start earning extra rewards when you deliver with us.


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