Important key trends of logistics, supply chain and e-commerce fulfilment in 2023

17 Jan. 2023

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As one of the best same-day delivery company in Singapore, uParcel constantly seek for more advanced technologies. To bring convenience to customers and raise customer satisfaction, uParcel offers a unique same-day on-demand delivery service that is rarely seen by other companies. In 2023, uParcel have set crucial fulfillment on key trends of logistics, supply chain and e-commerce.

Is logistics a good career for future?

Recent years have seen a dramatic upswing in the logistics and supply chain industry, thanks to the rise of e-commerce which has made it easier than ever to connect buyers and sellers. Logistics and supply chain management is one of the most important areas of modern business, as it plays a pivotal role in ensuring that goods and services are delivered to customers on time. The pace of evolution and change in the logistics industry is constantly accelerating. In 2023, several key trends are expected to become major drivers of the industry.


What is the future of logistics industry?

The industry will be shaped by several key trends, including increased automation, more efficient transportation networks, and improved visibility into the supply chain. These trends include an increased focus on digital transformation, automation, real-time analytics, AI-enabled services, and providing specialized services for different customer segments.


What are the 6 functional areas of logistics?

  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Cargo Handling
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Packing


What is the new technology in logistics and how is it changing the future of logistics?

  • Order Processing:

uParcel’s online ordering system helps customers achieve higher efficiency and greater convenience when booking for delivery. We noticed that the majority of our clients and customers are corporate businesses that seek prompt bulk delivery. For this reason, uParcel has included an exclusive and convenient Excel Sheet system that allows businesses to easily submit their delivery requests. It includes drop-down menus with pre-set options and an example of how to fill out the sheet. For more inquiries regarding the excel sheet, you can check out our video on YouTube.

uParcel’s ordering system also targets to satisfy customers with small delivery orders. Our 4 steps ordering process help customers to book a delivery with just a few clicks! Customers are required to fill in the pickup details, selection of parcel type and size, review and confirm the request, and lastly make payment. Within seconds, our system will put up your delivery request in the listing for any available drivers to take on the job.


  • Inventory Management:

The inventory management system plays an important part in supply chain management. At uParcel, we utilise Artificial intelligence to plan strategically and sort the parcel deliveries for our agents. The agents can simply use our filter button to sort the jobs based on their locations, pricing, sizing, etc. This better accommodates the convenience of our agents, ensuring that the delivery is within their capabilities. On top of that, our reliable team of Operations also helps with assigning the remaining jobs to available agents. Rest assured as all your delivery orders will be picked up as soon as possible!


  • Cargo Handling:

Ensuring the safety of your parcel is our responsibility. Our agents are skilled and experienced in delivery. They will handle your parcel's safety and ensure that it reaches the destination on time. However, for better safety measures, customers can also request additional services. Our additional service offers a digital signature, sms Pincode, fragile items, verifying name and id, etc. With a small cost (lower than SGD$10.00), customers can enjoy extra security on their parcel deliveries.

For uParcel’s agent, we have route optimisation that helps to reduce cost per delivery by maximising all our logistical resources. By providing our agents with the best route planning, not only does it hasten the parcel delivery process, but it also reduces the cost of petrol for the agents. Contactless delivery is one of our popular options that helps to minimise cost per delivery and improve customer service. With the rise of viruses, contactless and paperless system ultimately meets customers’ demand for safety and security. It also solves a major logistic challenge of catching customers at their place of residence at the designated time.


  • Transportation:

Both the recipient and sender can enjoy endless live tracking of the parcel’s status once an order has been placed. The tracking id helps businesses to monitor the delivery process of their parcels and assures worried customers. Ultimately, providing excellent customer satisfaction which leads to retention and loyalty.

As uParcel offers same-day door-to-door service, Packing, and Warehousing services are not available.


What is the biggest challenge in logistics?

The biggest challenge facing the logistics industry is the need to become more agile and responsive to changing customer needs. As technology advances, customers demand more efficient and convenient methods to solve their problems. uParcel strives to improve our technology in providing customers with a better satisfying experience. As uParcel continues to expand services, we hope to solve all the delivery demands of business partners.


Is logistics a growing industry?

As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, the future of logistics will increasingly depend on the adoption of new technologies. Abundant information on the net has enabled data-driven decision-making and actions, while algorithms have allowed for more complex decision-making. Automation will become a crucial tool for streamlining operations, while the Internet of Things and predictive analytics will provide companies with better visibility into their supply chain operations.

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