Introducing Agent Wallet & Instant Payout!

13 April 2023

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Dear delivery agents/partners,

We’ve got exciting news for you! We’ve just launched a new Agent Wallet with an Instant Payout feature to enable our agents to request a cash out anytime.

The New Agent Wallet is packed with the following features:

  • Agent Wallet – Easily view your nett earnings and transaction history!
  • My Earnings (Our classic My Earnings page has been moved into the Agent Wallet)
  • Instant Pay Function
  • Chinese Translation (Yes, our app is now available in Simplified Chinese!)

How does Instant Pay work?

Here is some important information you must take note of to ensure that your earnings will be paid to you on a timely basis!

To facilitate smooth approval of our agents’ requests for cash out, we’ll have two processing timeframes where Instant Pay will be under maintenance. This is on the 13th to 15th and 29th to 31st of every month.

Do note that each Instant Pay Request will also incur an admin charge of S$1.

Cash Out Any Day!

If your Agent Wallet shows that your nett earnings are >S$200, you will be eligible to request an Instant Payout. The minimum cash-out amount is S$2.

We will process your Instant Pay request by the next working day. Please note that the timeline above is a sample illustration and payment is subject to the bank’s approval.


Why Can’t I Withdraw My $200 Earnings?

As a security and safety deposit in case of job amendments, we will need you to keep $200 in their agent wallet – which would be bank transferred to you as per normal twice a month according to our usual payout periods 1st – 15th and 16th – 31st


If you do not apply for any Instant Pay requests, all nett earnings would also be automatically paid to you twice a month, so not to worry!

Download or update your uParcel app today to get the latest features and enjoy a smoother experience today!

Encounter any issues? Feel free to reach us via the in-app live chat or drop us an email at

Happy Delivering!


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