How much does a uParcel Delivery Partner earn in a month?

4 July 2022

Since a few years back, there’s been an increasing number of freelance delivery partners on the road from various delivery companies. In a nutshell, couriers/delivery agents sort, collect and deliver documents, packages, parcels and other goods to homes and businesses on a daily basis.

As a uParcel Delivery Partner, you have the potential to earn a great income. Our top Delivery Partners earn over $5,000 per month, and the average earnings for our delivery partners are $3,000 per month. Of course, your earnings will depend on how many deliveries you make, as well as other factors such as tips. The higher the price of the delivery job, the higher earnings you will receive.

Simple calculation: for example, <80 CM (H+L+W) & MAX 5KG parcel size, 3 hours Express delivery type cost $15 - delivery partner will receive 80% of the delivery cost which is $12. If a delivery agent completed 20 deliveries of the same size and delivery type 6 days a week. He can earn about $12 x 20 deliveries x 24 days = $5760.

You can view the rates, sizes and delivery types that we offer to our customers. This way you can plan your time and choose jobs that are suitable for you. The higher the cost of the delivery job or the more jobs you complete even with the min. delivery cost per job that you choose to complete. You can potentially earn at least $3,000 per month. The formula is ‘<$$ of delivery job x 80%> x no. of deliveries x no. of delivery days = your income’. uParcel charges a 20% commission and agents will be paid 80% of the delivery fees.

The benefit of joining uParcel as a freelance delivery partner. You get an auto payout every 2 weeks. Jobs completed between 1st-15th will be processed between the 22-24th and jobs delivered between 16th-31st will be processed between the 7-9th of the following month. Payment will be via GIRO bank transfer to the bank account provided.

Join uParcel as a freelance delivery and start earning more than $5,000/month today!

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