Book Your Electric Van Now and Save: uParcel and EVCo's Affordable and Eco-Friendly Leasing Program

17 April 2023

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Looking to make the switch to an eco-friendly vehicle?

Look no further than uParcel and EVCo's electric van leasing program! For just $1,450 a month (from as low as $49 per day), you can drive away in a brand new electric van and start enjoying the many benefits of driving an eco-friendly vehicle.

Not only will you save money on fuel costs, but you'll also be contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, with our electric vans, you'll enjoy a quiet and smooth ride, making your driving experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

But that's not all - if you sign up with our EVCo + uParcel branded vans before 15 May, EVCo will extend to you 2 weeks free rental waiver and uParcel members will enjoy an additional $200 rebate if they complete 250 jobs a week. That's an unbeatable deal that you won't want to miss!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today to learn more about this fantastic offer and start enjoying the many benefits of driving an electric van. Click here to book your electric vehicle now! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to make the switch to an eco-friendly vehicle and start saving money today!

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