Your Complete Guide To Using uParcel

Here is a step by step guide to help you book a delivery with uParcel:

Step 1: Sign Up 

Sign up on our web or app which is available on both Google Play & Apple store.


Step 2: Request Delivery   

Fill up sender’s details, receiver’s details, pickup timing and location accordingly upon log in.


Step 3: Payment   

Payment methods include e-wallet and credit card. Corporate may pay using corporate account. Read more about our corporate accounts here.


Step 4: Contact Delivery Agent 

Once a delivery agent has accepted the job, you may call or text the agent directly.


Step 5: Track Your Delivery 

Live tracking is available on our web. Recipients get a SMS notification with your brand and a one click tracking link. Read more about our one click tracking link over here.


Step 6: Invoice 

An invoice will be available once a delivery is done. You may download it under ‘Delivery History’

Alternatively, you can fill up the order form below to book a delivery!

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