My Fleet vs All Agents


What exactly is ‘My fleet’? 

If you have used our app/web before, you would have come across this option ‘My Fleet’ or ‘All Agents’. ‘My Fleet’ option allows you to favourite the agents who have delivered your parcels before and you will be able to assign future jobs to these selected group of agents.  

The main reason for this feature is so that you can have a pool of agents that you trust and rely on for future jobs. 

How to do it? 

Step 1: After a delivery is completed, you will be asked to leave a review for that particular agent. 

Step 2: In that review page, you are able to add the agent to your fleet by selecting ‘Add you my favourites’ 

However, by selecting ‘My Fleet’ means that only agents in your list will be notified when you post a job. This may result in more time taken for a job to be accepted or no acceptance. If your parcel is an urgent, we will advise you to choose the ‘All Agents’ option. 

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