Everyone wants that parcel he is sending must reach safely as well as on time on its destination. It is the responsibility of parcel delivery service provider to ensure complete safety during shipping of the parcel.

There are many reliable courier service providers available and one of them is uParcelwhich provide all the features that are listed. It provides the best services every customer needs from a courier provider.

  • Availability

The first thing which comes in our mind before choosing a courier company is available whether the courier company is available to pick up a parcel. Means whether they have a sufficient system of agents and local delivery centres. Also, any delay in availability will, in turn, cause delays in the delivery of the parcel.

  • Limitation on Size and Weight of Parcel

There is a limitation for the international shipping company depending on the size and weight of parcels to be delivered. Especially if you want to deliver a heavy parcel. Therefore you must know the limitations of courier company before sending a heavy parcel.

  •  Proof of Delivery

Delivering parcel on time is most important for any courier company. You also want to track your parcel in case you are sending a parcel that takes days to get delivered. In such cases, proof of delivery will help you know whether your package is delivered or not. You can get the proof of delivery via email, phone, fax or company website.

  • Value for Money

The next step is to consider the fee and cost involved in couriering your parcel. Low cost does not always mean the best value. If an inexpensive service provider is fulfilling all your requirements, then go ahead and hire him but if are you are sending something valuable then you must choose a speciality service.

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