In this era of technological advancement, we are very much reliant on our mobile devices.There are many problems in courier services a mobile phone can solve. These problems along with their solutions are as follows:


It is difficult to track goods current status in a normal system. With a free courier app in use we will be able to track the exact location of our goods. You can get real time updates. Moreover it provides maps by which you can locate your current location of parcel.

2)Hectic process in placing a courier:

You need not to stand in long queues as with a mobile app you can easily select a drop  point where you will drop your parcel. Moreover you can select a pick up location where you will pick parcel in case delivered to you. So it makes sending parcel easy.

3)Doubt in Pricing:

In courier mobile app you can calculate the best price for your parcel according to their respective weights. It makes it easy to calculate the total cost of goods to be delivered.

4)Safety and Security:

Safety and security is a very important point while delivering goods. There are categories for various kinds of packaging in a mobile app. For example there are certain goods that are fragile, so it requires different kind of packaging. On the other side there are some goods that are temperature prone, so it requires different packaging.

Therefore you must know the limitation of courier company before sending a heavy parcel.  

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