Delivery Hacks with uParcel

Booking a delivery can be a hassle so here is a list of delivery hacks that will make your delivery much easier!

1. Add addresses that you use frequently to your favourites by selecting ‘Add to Favourites’

This will save you so much time as you do not have key in the addresses every time you book a delivery.


2. Select ‘My Fleet’ to choose agents that you trust

To ensure the reliability of you delivery, you may select agents that you have previously added to your fleet. For more information about My Fleet, refer to this article.


3. For multiple jobs, you may upload an entire excel sheet instead of posting the jobs individually

Download our sample excel file and key in the respective information. This will ease your pain of booking individual delivery and you also get discounts for multiple parcels going to the same place! Read more about our multiple deliveries here.


4. Edit your request by selecting the pencil icon under ‘Actions’

This can be found at the top of the last page of Parcel Selection for you to edit the delivery request you have just made. Instead of selecting ‘Back’ at the bottom of the page which will erase all the previous information you have keyed in, edit your request by selecting the pencil icon. Select the bin icon if you wish to delete the delivery request.


5. Opt for Corporate Account to waive credit card bank charges.

There will be an additional 3.5% + $0.25 charge to Smoovpay if you opt for the credit card option. Apply for Corporate Account for free and you will be able to avoid the extra charges. However, do note that you will need to do a minimum of 10 deliveries per month to be applicable for our Corporate Account. 


Here are some hacks for you when using uParcel. Check them out today!



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