5 Reasons Why You Should Choose uParcel


Here are some reasons why you should choose uParcel. 

  1. Our prices are fixed so no matter how far you need to send your items to, the prices do not change. This is a great deal for those who want to send their items from East to West. No hidden cost. However, do note that there is a $2 surcharge to CBD areas and $4 surcharge to Tuas area. The total fee will be revealed to you before you make your payment. Check out our rates here https://www.uparcel.sg/rates.  
  2. First time users get $2 off for same day delivery. If this is your first time using uParcel, you are entitled to use this promo code: 2OFFNEW19 to get $2 off. Do note that this is only for same day delivery. 
  3. Receive up to 60% discount for bulk delivery. The more you send, the cheaper it gets! Email us at sales@uparcel.sg to get your quote today. 
  4. Direct contact with our delivery agents. Our system allows you to communicate with your agent directly when he/she has accepted your job. Direct contact makes it easier for both parties to liaise with each other. The agents will also be able to notify you before he/she comes around to collect the item and you can be prepared for their arrival.
  5. Last but not least, all our parcels are insured up to $100. This is how confident we are at handling your items. Rest assured that any lost parcel will be compensated with proof provided. 

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